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Chris Gillis

Life Check Yourself Episode 316 - With Chris Gillis: Love is Blind Recap — Is It Really a Deal Breaker or Can You Compromise?


Life Check Yourself Episode 316 - With Chris Gillis: Love is Blind Recap — Is It Really a Deal Breaker or Can You Compromise?


Chris Gillis

Life Check Yourself Episode 316 – With Chris Gillis: Love is Blind Recap — Is It Really a Deal Breaker or Can You Compromise?

Marni and Chris discuss another episode of Love is Blind. This time it is The Love Triangle. The 30-something contestants are still in their pods, slowly working their way up to meeting IRL. A couple of couples have been born out of the show already, but will they last? When the contestants finally meet what indiscretions will come to light, and how will they be handled?

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Do couples need to agree on everything?
  • Does physical attraction make or break a relationship?
  • How to integrate different backgrounds and cultures
  • Actions speak louder than words

Do We Need to Agree on the Big Topics to Be Together? [2:26]

When we gloss over things we don’t see eye-to-eye on, like religion, does it come back to haunt our relationships? When we are super attracted to another person, we can let our non-negotiables and deal breakers slide because we believe that love trumps everything else.

In this episode of Love is Blind Kyle and Shaina are discussing their differences around faith and religion. Kyle says he is a science guy who would likely mock Shaina if she chose to pray before dinner. She tells him she goes to church and has a strong faith. Marni points out that a common mistake is collecting data about a person and then convincing ourselves that differences can be worked through later.

Shaina says yes to becoming engaged to Kyle even after she discovers he doesn’t share her faith.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t ignore the differences and discuss them in detail. Expectations about our non-negotiables should be concrete early in relationships. Ask questions until the subject is clear.

Deeper than Face Value [21:09]

During this episode, Shake is talking with Deepti. Shake admits to being overly focused on appearance but he has an epiphany after making a deep connection with Deepti that he now feels it is more about the connection and that they have shared interests and values. When they meet he discovers that she is hot and instantly grabs her and says he wants to make her pregnant. Marni can’t decide if she thinks this is weird or cute?

If you are dating someone from a different culture you need to decide upfront, as a couple, which parts of the culture you are going to embrace and which ones you are not going to embrace.

Like a Silent Movie [25:32]

Marni reminds us that like a silent movie, actions are more important than words. On the show, Shane makes a perfect example of someone who says one thing and then does something else. He asks Natalie to be his girlfriend but then flirts with Shaina. When Shaina (a hot mess in her own right) calls him out on it, Shane changes the subject and asks a mundane question such as ‘so, what are you wearing babe?’.

Chris asks what is so special about Shane that he has two girls falling all over him. No one can figure it out. Marni says she thinks he has a way of making the girls feel good about themselves but time will tell.

Do not fall into a love triangle.

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