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Kute Blackson

Life Check Yourself Episode 317 - With Kute Blackson: How to Keep Going When You Keep Striking Out at Finding Love


Life Check Yourself Episode 317 - With Kute Blackson: How to Keep Going When You Keep Striking Out at Finding Love


Kute Blackson

Life Check Yourself Episode 317 – With Kute Blackson: How to Keep Going When You Keep Striking Out at Finding Love

Do you seem to attract a steady stream of unavailable men, players, weirdo’s, losers and ghosters…

and it’s made you think seriously about stopping dating altogether?

Have the events of the past couple of years made you less than optimistic about your chances to find love?

Does it feel like you’re on the world’s longest losing streak when it comes to men…

And when you wake up in the middle of the night, you’re scared because you’re convinced you’re going to die alone?

Marni welcomes inspirational speaker, author, and esteemed member of the transformational leadership council, Kute Blackson, into the studio to discuss his latest book, The Magic of Surrender. Kute shares the transformational opportunity that appeared when his mother was diagnosed with a fatal illness and how his book sprung from his soul and onto the page.

Key Takeaways from this Episode:

  • Myths and misconceptions about surrender
  • Moving into alignment with the universe
  • Start telling yourself the truth about what you want
  • Overcome past conditioning about what you need from life

The Magic of Surrender [2:51]

In our culture today there is a common misconception about what surrender truly means. It often means giving up and had negative connotations. A myth is that when you surrender you get less but Kuke says it’s the opposite.

Surrender is the most powerful thing you can do. Surrender is the key to manifesting your wildest dreams.

Release and let go of what is no longer authentic or aligned with you.

The Process of Surrendering [13:27]

Human beings lie to themselves to keep themselves safe. We stay in relationships we know are not right. We stay in jobs, friendships, and circumstances that we know compromise our integrity but they stay due to security.

Ask yourself what you want more than anything else, what you are pretending you don’t know, and what is lying to yourself costing you.

Myths and Misconceptions about Surrender [23:11]

To overcome past programming and conditioning and to live in action without attachment, we need to ask ourselves what the universe, the divine, or our souls wish to express through us. And, when we align ourselves with the answer, our truth, then we begin moving into action without attachments and in flow.

Our motivation is aligned with our soul. That is what moves us forward. And, when we take action that is aligned with our soul we feel a level of peace. The universe gives us proof that we can trust life.

Work in alignment with your truth and listen to life’s feedback.

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