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Episode 15


Susan Bratton

How to Train Your Boyfriend to Be A Better Lover (and Give You Screaming Orgasms!)

Episode 15

How to Train Your Boyfriend to Be A Better Lover (and Give You Screaming Orgasms!)


Susan Bratton

Dating Den Episode 15 – With Susan Bratton: How to Train Your Boyfriend to Be A Better Lover (and Give You Screaming Orgasms!)

Do you think about where amazing lovers come from… if there’s a book, or a way you can train your man to be one of them… not just once but every single time?

Do you wonder what really drives men wild, turns them on and makes them surrender to the moment?

Have you wondered why some guys finish too soon…. like way too soon… and that seems to be okay with them?

Or they get ‘performance anxiety’ and can’t do it?

Is it you?

Maybe you should be kinkier…

Or naughtier…

Maybe he wants to role play, or for you to talk dirty…

Do you know how to speak his language sexually?

Great sex before is about really about a deep, passionate, loving connection, and not just about orgasms.

If you want him to connect with you physically and emotionally… to surrender to the moment…and give you everything you want sexually…

Your communication has to be honest.

If you want to start enjoying that kind of connection AND the toe-curling, eye-rolling sex you’ve been dreaming about…

Today’s conversation with Susan Bratton is about reaching true intimacy and epic love by creating your sexual soulmate. Susan is a TV personality, an award-winning speaker, and a serial entrepreneur. She is compassionate and fearless when teaching fundamental communication skills that make for crazy, good sex.

How Susan Became a Trusted, Hot Sex Advisor [4:03]

Susan has always been a horny girl who wanted to find really good sex. When she met her husband at age 30 she finally found what she was looking for. Then after 10 years of marriage, the sex started to dwindle, he had an affair and they were on their way to a divorce. For the sake of their family, they decided to go and seek out sexual help. After sexually educating themselves, the couple became closer than they had ever been.

Close the orgasm gap!

Masculine and Feminine Roles are Changing [11:41]

Women need to recognize the biological impacts and behaviors deeply embedded in the masculine. Men physically need to be ready when it is time to impregnate a female. That is why hot guys get all the sex. Whereas, women are driven by two competing desires. We want to be impregnated by a healthy, good looking stud but also find someone to help us care for the children.

Create your sexual soulmate by:

  • Giving your man little wins during sex.
  • Consistently tell him he’s doing a good job in and out of the bedroom.

Women get bored to death if the sex is always the same. We need variety.

How to Create a Safe Place to Communicate Your Desires [20:10]

When you trust yourself you allow trust into the bedroom. Women, you must love your body as much as he loves your body. Your man picked you because he thinks you are sexy.

If something is causing you pain or frustration and it keeps you in your mind and not in your body you need to work that out before sex. If you feel tension allow his hands to awaken your sexual grid so you can be in your body.

First date sex isn’t recommended because you haven’t fully connected yet.

The Best Hug in the World [26:33]

This hug activates the masculine/feminine dynamic and helps you to connect at a sexual soulmate level. You can do this with a first date without this leading to sex. This is the time you can find a connection to yourself, your partner and the universe.

Setting Boundaries When You Are Dating [32:06]

​Every time you make love you should tell your lover what is going on with you. Tell him exactly what you want, what you are willing to do in the time you have and have the safe sex discussion. The guy will be happy that you gave him the manual.

It might sound tedious but it’s important to have these grown up conversations.

Seduction Techniques [40:26]

When a guy gives you a menu of what he can give you is akin to getting a big dopamine hit for a woman. Ask him to give you small offers. It will give you time for your desire to escalate. Plus, he gets a lot of small wins when you say yes to each choice.

  • The average guy loves to see women in lingerie.
  • Hold your man’s you know what early and often.
  • Hold your boundaries.

Reignite Your Sexuality [47:01]

Women, you can become more sexual without compromising yourself. Dress in ways that make you feel sexy, masturbate frequently and give yourself massages. Be sure to use natural organic oils not chemical laden lubes. Turn on your own system.

If you want to be a sexual soulmate keep yourself in good shape by being your own lover.

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