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The Institute for Living Courageously is the preeminent, research-based transformational personal development company for successful women who want to create fulfilling, intimate relationships and meaningful lives.



Our Mission

Marni Battista is the founder of Dating with Dignity and The Institute for Living Courageously. Having been married for 17 years, divorced, and successfully dated again in today’s complex social environment, and now happily married, Marni understands what it feels like to be lonely and sick of wasting time going on dates and having relationships with unavailable men that go nowhere.

Through her own journey to find love, Marni felt called to create a process to shorten the journey for other women suffering from the inability to create emotionally safe and fulfilling intimate relationships. She discovered, in fact, that creating this process was truly the mission of her soul and purpose.

The Process

Drawing on her personal experiences and professional training — including her Master’s Degree in Education, certification as a professional Dating and Relationship Coach and Expert by the International Coaching Federation, training and experience as a Facilitator and Trainer for the Hoffman Institute, as well as a Level I practitioner in the Gottman Model of Relationship Counseling — Marni developed a process to accelerate her clients’ results by (i) revealing what exactly is keeping them stuck, (ii) releasing it finally for the last time, and (iii) rejuvenating so that they begin attracting and dating emotionally available, high-quality men within a three month period. 

When Marni integrated this process into her clients’ lives they started experiencing the exact same results as Marni, without the years of trial and error: attracting high-quality men in a way that felt easy and natural and creating deep, connected relationships with men they were attracted to.

Why it Works

The Institute uses a process approach that integrates research-based interventions that are highly experiential in nature so that beliefs, feelings, and behaviors are explored holistically (i.e., the whole self – somatic, emotional, intuitive, and cognitive). It is widely recognized by brain science research that new neurological pathways will only be “recorded” if multiple aspects of the self are involved. 

Once a client has installed a new identity based on high levels of self worth, she will begin to attract men who also have high levels of emotional intelligence and generally have the same relationship goal – to engage in a committed long term relationship. She will also have the ability to create intimacy through vulnerability, communication and problem solving skills, and return to living her life as an authentic and fully expressed woman.

The Results

The truth is this: Therapy and personal development is fabulous, but many of our clients report that our process has moved them forward in ways they have never experienced before — and all within just weeks and months of working with us. They are experiencing shifts that literally catapult them to NEW levels of happiness. Our clients have found boyfriends, long-term love, increased peace and fulfillment, more optimism, a new sense of hope and the day-to-day support they never received in therapy or other personal development programs.

Based on our latest market study, 80% of the women who have worked with us for one year or more are in committed, quality intimate relationships.

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Tessa Alburn is a Certified Coach and NLP Practitioner and has advanced training in spiritual energy work and somatics. Prior to working with us, Tessa served as Graduate Department Director and Facilitator Trainer for the Hoffman Institute Foundation, a leading global personal development institution. She created facilitator training programs, trained over 100 facilitators nationwide, developed graduate curricula for national group programs, and provided leadership coaching for national group leaders during her 8-year tenure. Tessa is a compassionate coach with extraordinary instincts to recognize clients’ blocks and desires, enabling our clients to break free from past failures and embrace a love-filled life with calm and grace.


Director of Training and Master Coach

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Christine Kriner holds a BA in Communication with a specialization in Advertising from Ohio State University. As COO, Christine brings her expertise in the technology and transformation space, as well as 16 years of experience as a marketing expert in the dating and love coaching industry, to her work. In addition to holding the role of COO, Christine leads our team of experts in producing our top-rated Podcast, Life Check Yourself, liaises with our coaching team on content delivery, and makes sure our clients have a wonderful, nurturing experience while they are achieving the outcomes they desire.

Christine Kriner

Chief Operations Officer

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Angie Hooper met the love of her life during 5 Keys in 2018 while she was an attorney for international energy and manufacturing companies. Now, she helps other women make the decision to work with Marni to find love. In addition to her work on the Dating With Dignity team, she helps professionals save their careers from stress and burnout, and break free from regret. Angie graduated from Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law in 1998 and is licensed to practice law in Texas and Oklahoma, and is a Certified Professional Coach. She is a Certified Performance Dynamics Specialist and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.

Angie Hooper

Breakthrough Coach

Our Philosophy/Mission

Our mission at the Institute for Living Courageously is to bring more love into the world, one person at a time. In addition the work we do through our blog, podcast and with clients in our paid programs to fulfill this mission, we also are committed to improving the mental health of and empowering adolescent girls and boys worldwide through our work with Just Like My Child Foundation and Kid in the Corner. It is through this work that we hope to continue to create generational changes to ensure that the lives of our children and children’s children are filled with emotional health, love and meaning. With the support of our clients, the Institute has collectively raised more than $500,000 in the last four years for #Justlikemychild, and in 2019 we were proud to expand our fundraising efforts into the United States in partnership with #kidinthecorner.


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