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Episode 10


Christian Anderson

Why Does he Act Interested One Minute and Distant the Next

Episode 10

Why Does he Act Interested One Minute and Distant the Next


Christian Anderson

Dating Den Episode 10 – With Christian Anderson: Why Does he Act Interested One Minute and Distant the Next

So you’re dating a guy…

And things seem to be going fine.

Actually, it’s kind of great.

You meet, you talk, you enjoy each other’s company. The attraction is building inside you.

You’re starting to like him.

But something else is going on that’s making you a little uncomfortable…

While he is showing interest, he’s also acting distant… and you want to know what the heck it means, right?

This situation is all too common and can be oh-so confusing! It’s usually not a good sign [1:12]

In this episode of The Dating Den Podcast, Marni and co-host Christian Anderson offer some important tips on how to stay strong and true to yourself while not blowing any chance there might actually be with this guy!

Here’s the thing… when a guy acts like this, it’s totally natural for you to take it personally, but you can’t!

The truth is, it’s not about you!

At 1:36, Marni reveals her rule to help you feel empowered and stay in control in this situation…

But how do you know if he’s really ready… or if he’s trying to figure it out?

At [2:18] Marni and Christian show you how to have a conversation about what you’re both looking for, without scaring him off!

So if you ever wondered why guys will show interest and act distant at the same time… and you want to know what to do if they start pulling away, don’t miss this episode!

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