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Chris Gillis

Life Check Yourself Episode 341 - When is the Right Time to Tell Someone You Are Dating About Your Issues? With Chris Gillis


Life Check Yourself Episode 341 - When is the Right Time to Tell Someone You Are Dating About Your Issues? With Chris Gillis


Chris Gillis

Life Check Yourself Episode 341 – When is the Right Time to Tell Someone You Are Dating About Your Issues? With Chris Gillis

Marni and Chris break down episodes 1‒5 of the latest season of the Bachelorette. Gabby and Rachel may not be as mature as some of the guy contestants. Tyler is young but so manly, Tino is the frontrunner, and Zach is too nice for Rachel. Eric, Jason, and Johnny are all Gabby has left. Listen in for all the other juicy nuggets derived from this season and prepare for next week’s Hometown segment.

Takeaways from this episode:

  • Navigating relationship conflict
  • The downside of self-doubt
  • How sexy should a date be
  • Using King and Queen to describe a date
  • Genuinely loving the person you versus just liking the attention they give you

Bachelorette [3:25]

Chris and Marni are now into week 5 of the Bachelorette and it seems to be Groundhog day. The same situations, the same conversations, and the same old issues are starting to wear on viewers. Gabby continues to stress out and Rachel still has no self-confidence. When will it end? When will the ladies work through their issues and grow up?

Understanding your wants and needs about having children is something you have clarity about before actively dating. Plus, Marni says don’t date someone who doesn’t share this value with you. This is something that can come back to bite you, no matter how much you think you made yourself clear.

Rachel & Her Career [18:20]

Rachel is a successful career woman. She actively brings up her career but in a weird way. When she asks Tyler, he says that he will happily stay at home with the kids and let her be the breadwinner. Chris feels like Tyler was just trying to be agreeable and maybe not sincere about his offer to take care of everything.

Marni wants to know why Rachel is seemingly strong and courageous but when it comes to being rejected or in doubt about a guy she falls into “I’m not good enough” and self-doubt. Where is her resilience and fortitude in personal situations? It may be because she focuses on what she doesn’t have and not what she has. It will take a toll on her dating life.

How Sexy Should a Date Be? [23:39]

The Bachelorette took the sexy too far with the armpit-smelling and whipped cream nipple scenes. It was so uncouth that Marni admits to fast-forwarding through the scenes. Tantric sex workshops and watching sexy movies are not good first dates. Sexy talk does not set a relationship up with its best foot forward.

Based on the language of the contestants on the show, it is unnecessary to call each other King or Queen when dating. Even though these terms bleed over from the ultra-romantic Latin culture, it doesn’t fit into everyday dating situations. Marni and Chris agree that King and Queen are now throwaway words and should carry more weight.

Are you happy with the man you are with or do you just like the attention?

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