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Efia Sulter

Life Check Yourself Episode 342 - With Efia Sulter: Why ‘Fake it ‘til You Make It’ is the Worst Advice Ever


Life Check Yourself Episode 342 - With Efia Sulter: Why ‘Fake it ‘til You Make It’ is the Worst Advice Ever


Efia Sulter

Life Check Yourself Episode 342 – With Efia Sulter: Why ‘Fake it ‘til You Make It’ is the Worst Advice Ever

Marni is joined by Mindset Manifestation Coach, Efia Sulter. Efia is a content creator with good vibes. She empowers ambitious women to stop playing small and access their innate magic to have an expansive reality to live the life they want, not the life they feel they are supposed to. Fully surrender to manifest the future you’ve always wanted.

Takeaways from this episode:

  • Common myths about manifestation
  • Why setting intentions is the second step in manifestation
  • Creating strong boundaries
  • Balancing masculine and feminine energy
  • Don’t fake it til you make it

Circumstance Does Not Define Us [1:40]

Efia says as a teenager, she believed she wanted to have a “normal” life that mirrored everyone else she knew. In her 20s, she discovered she did not like living her life based on what everyone else did or had and transformed herself into a person who would live life on her own terms. She says the question that changed her life was “Who do I want to be?”

A common misconception about manifestation is that there is a reward system or end goal associated with it.

Manifestation is more than doing the things you are supposed to be doing or what other people tell you to do. It is about considering what you feel or what you want to create.

Arrival Fallacy & Manifesting What You Want [8:19]

Arrival fallacy is the belief that happiness will only come when we achieve a goal or reach a destination. But, being in the moment and celebrating who we are in the present is what should be savored in life.

Efie describes the beauty of the journey IS the icing on the cake of life. Attaching personal worth and identity to outcomes, it is easy to forget the beauty of now.

Mantra: I surrender the outcome because I know whatever happens I will be okay.

The more we can tap into the feeling of trusting our intuition, trusting the guidance, and having faith in something unseen, that is how we manifest in our lives. We can unlock the codes to success and happiness.

The Vibes Method [19:40]

Elia describes her Vibes method. In it, she assists clients in creating a personal manifestation blueprint. She says many people start their manifestation process by setting intentions. The first step of the Vibe method is embodying the vibe of our higher self. Doing this step first keeps us anchored to our intentions, keeps us on our path, and ensures our intentions are in integrity with what we want to create.

Everything in life can have intentionality to it!

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