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Rachel Russo

What Dating Mistakes Do Women in Their 40s Make the Most?


What Dating Mistakes Do Women in Their 40s Make the Most?


Rachel Russo

Life Check Yourself 428 – What Dating Mistakes Do Women in Their 40s Make the Most? with Rachel Russo

Marni welcomes Rachel Russo to the Life Check Yourself studio, where they discuss what it means to find your person and the importance of aligning lifestyle and vision for the success of your relationship. Rachel has been working with people to help them find love for almost 18 years. The matchmaker, and dating and relationship coach has a long history in the industry and she’s got a few gems to share on what it means to have a healthy relationship with the right partner. 

  • What’s the deal with age gaps?
  • He might not be what you’re looking for 
  • Do you have core compatibility?

It Starts with You [12:00]

It’s vital for you to know yourself before venturing out on the dating scene. What that means is that you need to figure out what is important for you, what your values are and how it is you want to spend your life. 

What they really need is core compatibility on how they want to live and how they want to be in a relationship. 

There Is Someone For Everyone [21:28]

No matter what your situation, there is someone out there for you. Whether you’re a single mom in her 40s or a three-times divorced woman in her 50s, there are men out there who are looking for your exact lifestyle and everything that makes you you. Don’t be discouraged by anything anyone says and don’t weave limiting narratives about yourself. 

The number of kids doesn’t have to stop you. And also, being really upfront and clear [is important], like I’m not looking for a provider, I’m looking for a partner. 

Be Flexible [29:07]

No one is saying compromise everything. But it’s not just about these superficial qualities you’re looking for. While attraction is necessary, and there are certain things every woman looks for to feel that romantic spark, there needs to be more flexibility. 

You have to strike a balance because we do have to rule people out. But we can’t make these premature judgments, and a lot of the sabotaging has to do with these superficial things. 

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