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Mali Apple and Joe Dunn

Jealous of Someone: Listen to This


Jealous of Someone: Listen to This


Mali Apple and Joe Dunn

Life Check Yourself 429 – Jealous of Someone: Listen to This with Mali Apple and Joe Dunn.

Marni welcomes power couple Mali Apple and Joe Dunn to the Life Check Yourself studio, where the trio discuss what it means to deal with jealousy in relationships. They reflect on the importance of communication and addressing the root cause of these feelings. How do past experiences and social influences play a role in breeding feelings of jealousy? Mali and Joe are award-winning authors, coaches, and best friends. 

  • How to have an open conversation 
  • Don’t be impulsive
  • What is rational jealousy? 

Jealousy PTSD and Impulse Control [08:19]

There is rational and irrational jealousy. Sometimes the reason we have feelings of jealousy with a partner has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with our own past experiences. The first step, however, is to do nothing. Don’t act on impulse. 

You’ve got to give yourself some time to breathe and take a look at where it’s coming from, where it’s actually coming from. 

Why Are You Jealous? [14:27]

It’s important to do some self-reflection as to where these feelings of jealousy are stemming from. What are you telling yourself when you’re faced with a situation where these feelings come up? Once that’s done, it’s time to reprogram your internal narrative or dialogue. 

You know that your partner doesn’t want you to be jealous and will do what they can to keep you from being jealous.

One Person’s Cheating is Another Person’s Chilling [20:19]

What is defined as cheating for one person, could be defined as harmless for another. So, it’s important to have these conversations and ask the right questions at the beginning of a relationship. 

Some of these questions might determine whether or not you really want to be in a relationship or should be in a relationship. 

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