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Heather Leick

Help! I’ve done the work but I Still Have Imposter Syndrome


Help! I’ve done the work but I Still Have Imposter Syndrome


Heather Leick

Life Check Yourself 427 – Help! I’ve done the work but I Still Have Imposter Syndrome (coaching session with Heather Leick)

Marni welcomes Heather Leick to the Life Check Yourself studio for a coaching session. Leick’s objective is to get through feelings of imposter syndrome. Heather is someone who reinvented her life after getting out of an abusive relationship and leaving a job she didn’t love to pursue one that she does. The duo discusses imposter syndrome, habit of self-sabotage and Leick’s difficulty when it comes to expressing herself.

· Why do you hide yourself?
· Where does your self-sabotaging stem from?
· What’s your central thread?

Feelings of Belonging are Natural [07:27]

Everybody wants to belong. It’s natural to feel nervous when you’re introducing yourself or presenting yourself to a group of new people. It’s normal to want to be picked and liked.

 If you didn’t have that self-doubt, what would that look and feel like?

Self-Sabotage Happens on Different Levels [08:59]

When you hide a part of yourself, it’s a draining on the long run. Partial expression of yourself is not sustainable because it feels dissonant in your body.

 When we don’t feel enough that we can be who we really are, we’re sabotaging on so many levels.

The Love Shield [15:05]

The love shield is this central thread that people have that is the through line within their life. When it’s used for good, it’s a super power. But when it’s used in the shadow side, it takes us away from ourselves. It’s essentially a recurrent quality or trait that you have that can either be good or bad for you depending on when and how you use it.

 For me, mine is to create possibility, like I can create possibility anywhere. But also, I can create possibility when I’m fixing people who don’t need to be fixed.

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