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Evan Marc Katz

The 7 Dating Mistakes You Are Probably Making (and Don’t Even Realize it)


The 7 Dating Mistakes You Are Probably Making (and Don’t Even Realize it)


Evan Marc Katz

Life Check Yourself 426 – The 7 Dating Mistakes You Are Probably Making (and Don’t Even Realize it) with Evan Marc Katz

Marni welcomes Evan Marc Katz to the Life Check Yourself studio where the duo delves into what dating looks like today and how to navigate it. Why do women keep falling into the same patterns? How do you tap into your feelings?

Evan is a dating coach that has helped over 13 thousand women from all over the world. Having written 4 books, he is also a successful podcast host. In tackling the topic of dating at all ages, Evan explains what it means to find your person. It’s not just about the mantras but setting an action plan.

  •         Stay in the game
  •         Seek consciousness and intention
  •         How to be strong universally

Stop Focusing on Landing the Man [10:00]

We always think of dating as an accomplishment. Women tend to focus on landing the man rather than looking at how they feel. Face your emotions. Ask yourself how you feel within the relationship. It’s not about the man looking good on paper, it’s about the connection that is meant to come with that.

Do I feel safe, heard, and understood? Can I relax and let my guard down, and trust that he’ll be there for me and accept me in full?

Hope Springs Eternal [17:48]

People soften with age, they get better. They’re more self-aware, more supportive of each other. Life is peppered with examples of people who found love not only in the most unlikely places but later on in life as well. And you shouldn’t lose hope but you should set an action plan.

Hope springs eternal. So, my belief is that there’s enough good guys to warrant it, especially for women of a certain age who are surrounded by people who have given up on love.

Dump the Scarcity Thinking [23:12]

Stop doubting yourself If you’ve left your partner for all the right reasons. Trust yourself and start reframing it in your mind. It’s easy to fall into that pit of self-doubt, wondering whether you’ll ever be loved this way again or whether you’ll ever be treated this way again. You will. This relationship was just a stepping stone, it unlocked something in you.

Why would you treat him like he’s the last man on earth? So many people come back to coaching because they had something that was ill-fated, and it awakened something inside of them.

Make a Connection:

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