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Mat Boggs

Life Check Yourself Episode 334 - With Mat Boggs: Manifest the Loving Relationship You Want Now!


Life Check Yourself Episode 334 - With Mat Boggs: Manifest the Loving Relationship You Want Now!


Mat Boggs

Life Check Yourself Episode 334 – With Mat Boggs: Manifest the Loving Relationship You Want Now!

Marni welcomes the best-selling author of Project Everlasting and founder of the revolutionary Manifest Your Man program, Mat Boggs into the Life Check Yourself studio. Mat has been helping millions of people around the world attract love and have fun finding fulfilling relationships. He is a sought-after dating and relationship expert. He’s been featured on the Today Show, CNN, Headline News, and Oprah & Friends.

Dating Takeaways from this Episode:

  • Identifying a shared vision with the Magic Wand question
  • What Mat means by Rehearse, Nurse, and Curse
  • Overcoming your limiting beliefs
  • Your history does not determine your destiny
  • Rejection is just a step closer to what you want

Intention Vs. Impact

A human’s purpose on this planet is to learn how to give and receive love. Growth comes when we make mistakes and change the actions we take in the future. One of the best ways we can grow is to ask others for feedback. In Mat’s case, his goal was to write a book people absolutely loved or didn’t. When he enlisted Beta Readers, the readers who didn’t like his book at first, gave him better feedback about how he could make the book better.

Mat says there is a difference between intention and impact. And he uses this lesson over and over again. If you know someone’s heart is in the right place, but something they do creates a negative outcome for you, it is important to have a ten-minute sweaty-palmed conversation to clear the air without attacking the other person.

Do not take things personally because, often, people don’t do things with bad intentions.

Labels & Overcoming Limitations

We all use labels because they fast-track conversations and help people identify us better. Another reason is that some people want to commiserate and want attention.

If we get too attached to our labels, the label can then turn into our identity.

Mat reminds us that where our intention goes, energy flows. Research rooted in neuroscience shows that our brains make connections based on repetition. The more we label ourselves as “something” we will eventually start to identify with that label.

If we can put more attention on where we are going and where we want to be, it is much easier to overcome the place we have been when we focus on where we want to be.

Rise above the old definition of you and create something beautiful for your life.

Four Questions to Manifest a Loving Relationship Now!

A person’s ability to manifest what they want comes down to their ability to be clear about what they want, understand what may be holding them back and the actions they need to take to get what they want, and accept their desires once they achieve them.

Mat offers four high-quality questions to ask yourself once you become clear about what you want. They are:

  • Fear — What have you been resisting about opening your heart and having a relationship?
  • Accept — What do you need to face about the situation to make peace?
  • Choice — What choice could I make to move in that direction?
  • Take Action — What actions do you need to take to move you forward?

Your history does not determine your destiny.

To figure out if you and a guy have a common vision about relationships, there is a magic wand question you can ask during a date. The question is — If you had a magic wand, what would you create for your love life?

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