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Life Check Yourself Episode 284 - With Sheri — How Rejection Helps you Get What You Want with Men, Money, and Your Career


Life Check Yourself Episode 284 - With Sheri — How Rejection Helps you Get What You Want with Men, Money, and Your Career



Life Check Yourself Episode 284 – With Sheri Salata: How Rejection Helps you Get What You Want with Men, Money, and Your Career

Have you had it with rejection and failure?

Are you tired of banging your head against the proverbial wall when it comes to finding love…

Or having the career, the income and the lifestyle you want?

Have you been betrayed, hurt or rejected by someone you love and left to wonder why it happened to you?

And you’re ready to say “enough”?

The truth is, how you deal with rejection and failure (for lack of a better word), may be the ultimate gamechanger for you when it comes to finding love…

or making more money…

or pretty much anything and everything you want to manifest in your life!

Marni speaks with professional storyteller, World-class Producer, and Founder and CEO of The Support System, Sheri Salata during this episode of the Life Check Yourself podcast. In her past life, she was the Executive Producer of the Oprah show and President of Harpo Studios. Sheri shares the keys to manifesting the life of your dreams and how to call in what is next for you from her memoir, The Beautiful No: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence, and Transformation.

Key Takeaways from this Episode:

  • Grieving disappointment
  • Soothing the over-busy mind
  • Tuning into the divine feminine
  • Following spirit to discover your true purpose

How-to Free Yourself [3:22]

For 20-years, Sheri ran one of the most beloved brands in the world, Oprah. When the gig ended she had to strip away her identity to transform into an entrepreneur.

Being someone else’s mother, right-hand-gal, wife, etc. is not enough. Women need to sit with themselves to discover who they want to be.

Most women have no idea what kind of rut they are in, but when you turn on the lights the freedom starts to shine in.

A Beautiful No [15:57]

In Sheri’s book, The Beautiful No: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence and Transformation she describes how all the no’s she received in her life led her to the moment when the universe conspired with her.

If you can convince yourself that every rejection, every betrayal, and every no you have received is pushing you in a different direction you become open to the greatness you deserve.

Accept what happens in life then tune into your spiritual self and await the next surprise.

Following Your Spirit to Find Your Purpose [26:04]

Sheri reminds us that there is no such thing as work/life balance because the concept of balance is basically to tip over and come back to center.

Start listening to signals that confirm you are on your divine path in your work and finding your purpose.

Set yourself free in your own mind about what is possible for yourself. Stir your dream pot and tune into your divine feminine.

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