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Julie Pryor

A Toolkit for Confidence: How to build UNSHAKABLE Self-Confidence


A Toolkit for Confidence: How to build UNSHAKABLE Self-Confidence


Julie Pryor

Life Check Yourself 430 – A Toolkit for Confidence: How to build UNSHAKABLE Self-Confidence with Julie Pryor

Marni welcomes growth strategist and consultant, Julie Pryor to the Life Check Yourself studio, where the duo discuss how to switch your mindset in a way to make it work in your favor. They reflect on the importance of accountability and that of the words we tell ourselves. Speaking about what it takes to build an impactful brand and the lessons gleaned from her experiences, Julie’s method isn’t just about the numbers.

  •         How to create your own results
  •         Trust yourself
  •         How to hold yourself accountable

Shifting Your Mindset [12:34]

You need to embrace all the things that make you you rather than looking for validation externally. You’re not the victim, you’re the architect of your own life. That is, things are not happening to you; they’re happening for you.

The process is about having the courage to make new choices, having the courage to ask for help, just having the courage to look within.  

New Level, New Devil [19:20]

There’s this common misconception that many people hold, where they’re convinced that once they achieve a particular goal, all their problems will disappear. But the reality is that with each stage in life, there are the challenges that come with it. However, you find out through these challenges, the areas where you’re lacking in confidence and how to start working on that. 

It was an energy. It was an energetic leak. I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted.

Do You Practice Accountability? [27:36]

While it’s not discussed as often as other key concepts, accountability is something a lot of us minimize in our lives. By learning to hold yourself accountable, you also learn to do what you say you’re going to do, when you’re going to do it.

Those couple of projects I’m procrastinating on, I bring them back to the forefront and I recommit.

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