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Dating Den Episode 181 - With Marie: Is Your Dating Dread Keeping You Stuck and Single?


Dating Den Episode 181 - With Marie: Is Your Dating Dread Keeping You Stuck and Single?



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Dating Den Episode 181 – With Marie: Is Your Dating Dread Keeping You Stuck and Single?

To celebrate Ignite Your Life (IYL) month, Marni welcomes former IYL attendee and Dating With Dignity client, Marie into the Den. Marie shares why this experience was significant for her, why women should prioritize this aspect of their lives, and how her dating life changed after attending the event.

Key takeaways from this episode:

How to shift limiting beliefs

  • Embracing vulnerability
  • Investing time into what you value
  • Why being needy isn’t a bad thing
  • How you can Ignite Your Life

You Have to Start Somewhere [2:18]

Marie was floored when her eldest niece got engaged. She had been excelling in all other parts of her life except dating. It was the kick she needed to make her take action. She says she happened upon one of Marni’s early videos and it eventually changed her life.

At first, she didn’t want to be one of the women who needed to attend the Ignite Your Life event. She felt like a loser in love. Yet, when she arrived she noticed everyone there looked like her, a sharp, successful, and single woman.

The community I met at Ignite Your Life made me realize I was not an outcast and I was not alone.

Shifting Your Narrative [15:14]

Marie experienced an awakening during the 3-day investment that was well worth the time. The lessons were efficient and effective. From the style consultant, she realized she had been hiding her feminine side under her business casual clothes. From the belief exercise, she learned what long-held beliefs were holding her back.

She realized, in dating, it is not about whether men liked her. It was a monumental shift when it registered that dating was to find out if I liked them.

You deserve to be happy.

A Powerful Journey [23:50]

Marie continues to learn that the only way to deepen her connections is for her to be vulnerable. She still reminds herself to ask for what she needs without worrying about a guy’s reaction. She used to categorize it as needy, now she knows it is just information. Needy used to be labeled as bad but really it is just being human.

Asking for what you need from your heart space is like a roadmap for your partner.

Marie says she met some lifelong friends at the Ignite Your Life event and it was worth the time and monetary investment.

Make a Connection:

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