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Luke Lorio

Dating Den Episode 182 - With Luke Iorio: If You Really Want to Gain Control of Your Dating Life, Learn How to Be the Master of Your Energy


Dating Den Episode 182 - With Luke Iorio: If You Really Want to Gain Control of Your Dating Life, Learn How to Be the Master of Your Energy


Luke Lorio

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Dating Den Episode 182 – With Luke Lorio: If You Really Want to Gain Control of Your Dating Life, Learn How to Be the Master of Your Energy

In preparation for Ignite Your Life, Marni welcomes President and CEO of iPEC Coaching, Luke Iorio, back into the Den. Luke shares the a-ha moments that changed his life and shifted his mindset, how we can get out of our head to tap into greater consciousness and align with our inner knowing, and why this is the best time to invest in ourselves.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • How to look at your dating life objectively
  • Feel good about your approach to life
  • Why now is the right time to invest in yourself
  • Access your inner knowing

Igniting Your Life [2:25]

Luke went on an inward journey about why he was out of alignment with who he truly was. It made him who it was today. As a child, his father was a devout studier of personal development. Luke had access to books about finding out who he was.

“I spent a lot of time trying to manipulate and control my relationships in an effort to keep myself safe.”

Luke says if you resonate with living a flat experience and you want to get in touch with your aliveness, your spark then you need to wake up, express, and get in alignment with your inner knowing.

When you start to look at yourself objectively and you will get in touch with your intuition and know when you are caught up in your old story or the drama of situations.

There is power in shifting how you look at life.

How Objectivity Affects Your Dating Life [17:26]

It can be tough to start a relationship with someone else. New feelings, thoughts, and emotions come to the forefront of your mind. If you find yourself ruminating on the possible reasons he didn’t call, or what a guy meant by what he said, you may be too narrowly focused. Be aware that those triggers are messages from your unconscious that can help you better understand yourself. It’s your past programming. Luke says the more you recognize the roots of your thought process you can decide what version of yourself you want to show to other people.

Give yourself the opportunity to get out of your head and be more natural and genuine.

After this inner work, regardless of the situation you find yourself in you will know you are making decisions that resonate with who you really are. The more self-aware you are, you have more peace and you stay centered and grounded.

The Time is Right, Now [32:11]

During these uncertain times, people are reassessing their values and pinpointing what is important to them. Many are wondering why they didn’t enrich their lives more often and what they can do to make significant changes. Marni asks Luke why right now is a good time to invest in the future and attend Ignite Your Life.

Luke says now is an important time to be devoted to personal development and to turn down influences that distract us or don’t benefit us. A person’s development journey should start from within the flow of their usual lives. This way we build stronger roots and start making decisions from a place of inner knowing.

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