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Luke Iorio

Life Check Yourself Episode 376 - How to Shift Your Energy From Seeking to Attracting with Luke Iorio


Life Check Yourself Episode 376 - How to Shift Your Energy From Seeking to Attracting with Luke Iorio


Luke Iorio

Life Check Yourself Episode 376 How to Shift Your Energy From Seeking to Attracting with Luke Iorio

Marni welcomes mindfulness and soulfulness coach, and podcast host of On This Walk, Luke Iorio, and they delve into what it takes to lead a purposeful life. The former CEO and president of the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) shares his own personal journey with finding his way back to himself, and as a result to leading a life of inner balance and connection. Having helped thousands of clients and listeners in their quest for meaning, Luke divulges the tools to help you reconnect with your true self. It’s about awareness, rather than blame; courage rather than shame; and owning your role within your own life. 

Takeaways from this episode:

  • What are the questions you should be asking yourself?
  • How you can live life on your own terms
  • Change is fluid
  • The universe is constantly conspiring to make you whole
  • Awareness is the first step
  • How to own your role in the situation

It’s Not About Making Lemonade Out of Those Lemons [08:47]

When you bear in mind that whatever rough spot you’re in, is either your transformation moment, or it’s preparing you for a transformation, your perspective starts to shift. And this isn’t about positivity for the sake of positivity. Luke shares the insights he’s gained from his own journey, and years of experience in the field by explaining that the universe is always conspiring to return you to wholeness through the experiences it hands you.  

It’s through these traumas, negative experiences and losses, that we begin to understand what is within us. That’s how you begin to decipher what the universe is trying to tell you.

These are hardships are what lead us to the questions that matter: what are the parts of you that you feel like you’ve disowned? what are the corners of you that you feel have shut-down? And that’s not to shift blame, but rather to acknowledge that there is a reason, you closed off certain areas of yourself; there’s a reason for everything you’ve done. The journey begins when you start finding out why. 

At any given moment, the experience I’m having is returning me to wholeness. 

Life isn’t trying to beat you down; it’s trying to lead you back to yourself. All you have to do is listen. And to do that takes faith and humility. 

We get fragmented through all these different little experiences, we leave little pieces of ourselves in our histories, in our traumas, in our hurts and pains. And life is always trying to return them to us.

Step Out of the Moment and Look at the Whole Picture [13:42]

You’re not broken; you’re whole. That’s something we often forget to remind ourselves of. But being aware of your role in any given situation isn’t about putting yourself down, it’s about understanding where that decision came from. 

When we look at a situation unfolding before us, we assume that it’s happening in the present, explains Luke. But, that’s actually not the case, it is the culmination of all the perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, patterns and conditioning that we’ve absorbed and built over the past decade or so. Ultimately the recurring conflicts that appear consistently as we interact with the world are a result of our histories. Exploring that is what informs our decisions. That’s where awareness comes into play. 

When we recognize our role in a certain situation, the whole picture begins to get a little clearer. 

What you’re doing is opening that window of taking responsibility where you can start taking responsibility and begin changing the way you’re relating to your participation in whatever is going on. 

Life Moves in Cycle [23:00]

It’s not news; life is in a state of perpetual change. And yet, we tend to forget the fluidity that is the very nature of life. Everything in life goes through cycles. Luke elaborates that the reason for discomfort and unhappiness is that very often we hold on to the things that are trying to be let go of. 

Change doesn’t work that way, it’s meant to be more fluid. It’s not meant to be controlled. 

Being aware of that means being able to ebb and flow rather than attempt to change the very nature of life. Because resisting ends up creating rigidity. Whereas leaning into it, and understanding that universal truth eventually leads to a deeper change within you. 

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