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Yael Trusch

Life Check Yourself Episode 291 - With Yael Trusch: How to Heal Your Relationship with Money


Life Check Yourself Episode 291 - With Yael Trusch: How to Heal Your Relationship with Money


Yael Trusch

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Life Check Yourself Episode 291 – With Yael Trusch: How to Heal Your Relationship with Money

These days, as a smart, successful, spiritually aware woman you know you probably have limiting beliefs around love.

Things like:
There are no good men where I live…
All the good ones are taken…
I’m too old to find love…

And those beliefs are holding you back from attracting your ideal match.

But did you know that most women also have limiting beliefs around money, that are keeping them from having what they truly desire?

Beliefs like, money is scarce, or you’re not good with money or that being good with money is more of a man thing .

Do any of those sound familiar?

Marni welcomes the host of the Jewish Money Matters podcast, Yael Trusch into the Life Check Yourself studio. They discuss how-to unravel money stories, the spirit-money connection, and how women can begin designing the financial life they want for themselves and their children.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • The spirit-money connection
  • Getting clear about your financial why
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs around money
  • Parenting tips for creating financially responsible adults

Being of Service to Others Should Be the Foundation of Our Financial Why [3:10]

Why does money matter to women?

Yael says, money matters to women because it is the way we create an impact in the world.

Marni asks, how can women create abundance and not be attached to abundance?

This is one of the complex parts for people, Yael says. Everyone needs to design goals for their lives, financial and personal goals.

God says let go of the outcome, just show up with your ‘why’, and do what you need to do.

Are your financial goals me-centered or God-centered?

Common Limiting Beliefs Women Have About Money [11:29]

While beliefs vary Yael says three common limiting beliefs women have about money are:

There is not enough. — Not true as money is infinite.
I’m not good at this. — While women, in general, haven’t been taught about money as much as males, it doesn’t mean it has to be your reality.
It is something men do. — Don’t rely on some version of Prince Charming to take care of it.

You can have the money, the health, the marriage, you can have everything.

Parental Responsibilities Around Money [27:46]

Yael reminds us that children are learning about money whether parents intentionally teach them or not. They watch the way you behave and listen to the way you speak but through a child’s eyes and ears.

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