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Dr. Ken Druck

Life Check Yourself Episode 418 – How to Go on in A “What Now” Moment


Life Check Yourself Episode 418 – How to Go on in A “What Now” Moment


Dr. Ken Druck

Life Check Yourself Episode 418 How to Go on in A “What Now” Moment

Marni welcomes Dr.Ken Druck to the Life Check Yourself where the duo discusses how to heal from loss and use it to become a better version of yourself. Dr.Ken is a best-selling author who has coached leaders both in business and in government. Having gone through the tragic loss of his daughter Jenna, Dr.Ken managed to develop groundbreaking work that has helped bereaved families and taught people how to recuperate from life’s biggest losses. 

  • How do you go on?
  • Putting your hand on your heart
  • How to calibrate the plan

What Now? [06:50]

Move from harsh criticism to kind self-compassion. What you tell yourself is important, particularly after a loss. The narrative that you tell yourself is what will determine whether you’ll lift yourself up or whether you’ll sink and miss a potential opportunity to grow. 

Of course, you don’t know what to do. How could you? You this is all new. How could you not feel fearful?

Begin by Learning [16:21]

The first step starts with you. To be compassionate with others, you need to first be compassionate with yourself. One you’ve practiced self-compassion, then you can turn it outwards and truly help those around you. Don’t repress the feelings you dislike but rather sit with them. 

Nothing special has happened because it’s all special. 

The Seven Honorings [20:22]

There are several ways to honor someone you’ve lost. Your own survival is one of them. You get to honor the person you’ve lost by being adamant on living, on surviving. Be stubborn about it. The second is doing something good in their name because that’s something that never dies. That is how you keep them alive beyond the physical world.

It clears the ability in us to take what began as the purest love then became an unspeakable sorrow and to turn it back into the purest love. 

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