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Crystal Ware

Life Check Yourself Episode 413 – How to Fail with Crystal Ware


Life Check Yourself Episode 413 – How to Fail with Crystal Ware


Crystal Ware

Life Check Yourself Episode 413 How to Fail with Crystal Ware

Marni welcomes Crystal Ware to Life Check Yourself where the duo discusses what it means to become the best version of yourself in life, love, and business. Crystal is a former Fortune 500 corporate leader and attorney who realized she wanted more out of life. She quit her job and became an entrepreneur and started her own podcast to help women take charge of their lives. And it all begins with removing the limiting belief that you do not have a choice and getting clear on your vision. 

Takeaways from this episode:

  • How to break free from excuses
  • Get clear on your vision
  • How to find that freedom

Are You in a Vicious Cycle? [07:10]

Are you strong enough? Are you smart enough? These are the questions that usually pull a person back into a cycle that they have been trying to get out of, or rather that they know they want to get out of. Fear. Fear in all its forms, fear of rejection, fear of judgment keep you spiraling in that loop. It’s almost like a constant vicious cycle that prevents you from getting off where you need to in order to get to the metaphorical train station. 

One of the first things you need to do is get really clear on where you want to end up, having that live vision  for yourself is the most important thing.  

Break Free from Limiting Beliefs [12:24]

It’s important to recognize that, no matter what stage you’re in, you always have a choice in your career, in your relationship, and in your life in general. Part of that is taking steps towards breaking free from the limiting beliefs you may be holding. 

I think when you have the courage to recognize it then the power is liberating.

But What Are Virtuous Cycles? [17:00]

Reframe the question. It’s vital to ask yourself the questions that matter. What would give you more peace? How do you get more satisfaction and happiness? Everybody is tied down by things but it’s about looking at what brings you peace of mind. And finding the answers to those questions is what is going to align your heart, your soul, your body, and your mind with the world. The virtuous cycle is more about finding the positives that you have to contribute to the world and how to make them work for you. 

What are the attributes about you that make you shine? How can you turn them into positivity in the world?.

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