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Naketa Ren

Life Check Yourself Episode 419 – Break THIS Habit To Overcome Your Self Rejection


Life Check Yourself Episode 419 – Break THIS Habit To Overcome Your Self Rejection


Naketa Ren

Life Check Yourself 419 – Break THIS habbit to Overcome Your Self Rejection with Naketa Ren

Marni welcomes Naketa Ren to The Life Check Yourself where the duo talks about balancing life, love, and success as well as learning how to take pauses when you need them. Naketa is a podcast host, author, and the number one balance and relationship advisor globally. The powerhouse helps clients find that work-life balance, build a sustainable successful business while also prioritizing mental health and personal relationships. And it all starts with knowing when to slow down, and how to do it. 

  • Give yourself permission to slow down 
  • How to be mindful
  • How to leave an imprint on the world

The Multigenerational Imprint [10:17]

The multigenerational imprint that you leave on this planet begins with yourself. It stems from showing up as an individual that honors authenticity, transparency, and kindness. It’s by practicing all those qualities with yourself that you can then share them with others. Be kind to yourself, be transparent with yourself and be authentic and honest when looking inwards. 

Authenticity is different from transparency. You could be very authentic and show up as fully who you are but not be transparent with why you are being that way. 

How You Show Up Could be Killing You [15:47]

How do you speak to yourself? Is it with kindness? Or are you harsh on yourself? Focus on what it is you say to you because when you put yourself down, and stress yourself out, you’re not only unhealthy mentally but physically as well. Stress dictates a big part of our physical health. It accounts for a high percentage of non-congenital illnesses. 

How you think of yourself and how you show up for yourself could be killing you slowly. 

Imagine all of those hidden diseases and hidden illnesses that are stress-induced.  

High Egos And Corporate Traumas [21:00]

It’s not a bad thing to have an ego, but it is bad to let your ego run the whole show. Unfortunately, we can’t change another person’s ego. What we can do is hold up a mirror to them but sometimes it’s not enough. 
And in a work environment, your superiors’ egos could be destructive to your mental well-being as well as those around you. But how do you galvanize the shift?
You can change how you react to the person while building your exit plan.

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