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Dr. Eva Selhub

Life Check Yourself Episode 351 - With Dr. Eva Selhub — How to Get Back to Joy When Life Feels Freaking Hard


Life Check Yourself Episode 351 - With Dr. Eva Selhub — How to Get Back to Joy When Life Feels Freaking Hard


Dr. Eva Selhub

Life Check Yourself Episode 351 – With Dr. Eva Selhub — How to Get Back to Joy When Life Feels Freaking Hard

Marni welcomes Eva Selhub into the Life Check Yourself Studio. Beyond having explanatory superpowers, Eva is a Board Certified Physician, Speaker, Scientist, Author, and Executive Leadership and Performance Coach who served as an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She specializes in Corporate Wellness and Resilience. She provides clients the guidance to use their powerful gifts to translate complex information and make it practical and usable.


  • Six Pillars to Cultivating Resilience
  • How to make decisions in your best interest
  • Choosing joy and curiosity
  • Accepting the dark and light sides of ourselves

The Keys to Faith & the Mechanics of Resilience

In Eva’s books, she describes her struggles and how she looks at them as opportunities for growth, and change. It’s what resilience is all about, she says. Feeling knocked down for being a woman in academia, she found herself in a male-oriented, structured box. She recognized others were threatened by her and her ideas. They thought she was too much, too loud, too everything.

Eva says for her it is about growth, exploration, love, richness, curiosity, and creativity. She chose joy, and passion, and was smart about it.

Eva says the question of what we are supposed to be doing is a construct created by a man. In the past, men thought women were supposed to be domesticated, wear dresses, have children, and play a certain role.

Women can get caught up in doing everything they believe will help them get what they want, but do they really know what they want?

It’s important to honor and have compassion for your feelings, both positive and negative. In a negative mindset, we lose access to our acquired skill set and inherent tools. We lose access to the support that can raise us up and out of the negativity.

6 Pillars to Help Cultivate Resilience

Resilience is a double-edged sword. It has a dark side and a bright side. The dark side is burnout. It is when we keep getting hit over and over again (much like we did during the pandemic). The bright side of resilience is called flourishing, or a state of flow. Eva created the Six Pillars to Help Cultivate Resilience to help people understand how to make opportunities out of their struggles.

Ask yourself — Am I fueling myself to thrive or die?

The body whispers before it screams and it whispers through our senses.

Energy & Vibration Are Everything

If we believe in the law of attraction, or manifestation, then we know everything is about vibration, aka energy. Eva says if we want to find out why we might be stuck in old-seated beliefs that either come from our upbringing, meditations and healings can reprogram our underlying belief system until it no longer exists.

When we embrace the light we begin attracting different circumstances and relationships.

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