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Marie Garvey

Life Check Yourself 422 – Biggest Mistakes Women Are Making in Their Careers


Life Check Yourself 422 – Biggest Mistakes Women Are Making in Their Careers


Marie Garvey

Life Check Yourself 422 – Biggest Mistakes Women Are Making in Their Careers

Marni welcomes Marie Garvey to the Life Check Yourself studio where the duo talks about what it means for a woman to find her own voice and be in her own power, proudly. Marie is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and an executive and life coach who has empowered women to find success while being present in their power. From a young age, women are programmed into the good girl mentality. Marie helps them break free of that to become who they are meant to be today rather than who those around them have defined them as. 

  • Our worth isn’t in other people’s hands
  • How to stop being uncomfortable with conflict
  • It’s a good girl rebellion 

What Happens to the Good Girl? [07:52]

The Good Girl mentality breeds a form of constant expectations where you’re always waiting to get a pat on the back or to be commended for doing the right thing. But the danger with that is what happens when you don’t get that pat on the back or the recognition for having been a “good.” And that usually results in women working harder, and thinking that if they just do more, they’ll get it. 

We’ve been told, ‘Don’t be too much,’ and we’re walking around being people pleasers and perfectionists all the time. 

Step Into Your Feminine [15:14]

It is okay to be in your feminine and your masculine energy because both are valuable. But own your feminine energy because the world needs that. Women are better listeners and collaborators whereas men tend to see the world more in black and white. Hone in your feminine advantages and step into that energy.  

I think every woman I’ve met, certainly every woman I work with has moderated their light to fit what they believe the world can handle of them. 

You Got This [19:55]

When it comes to the workforce, a lot of women don’t trust their own capabilities or power. It’s this overwhelming sense of ‘I haven’t earned this.’ 

And it is that kind of mentality that stops them from putting their hat in the ring. 

There are so many corporations that want women at the highest levels. And my biggest problem is convincing them that they’re ready for it. 

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