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Dr. Shayama Mathews

Life Check Yourself EP 421 – How To Be Nice To Your Vagina


Life Check Yourself EP 421 – How To Be Nice To Your Vagina


Dr. Shayama Mathews

Life Check Yourself EP 421 – How To Be Nice To Your Vagina

Marni welcomes Shyama Mathews to The Life Check Yourself where the duo discusses what it means to go through menopause and how to handle the changes your body is experiencing. Shyama is a gynecologist who is trained in minimal invasive gynecology surgery as well as a certified menopause specialist.  She has helped women navigate their families and careers while enhancing their quality of life. In tackling the topic of menopause, Marni and Shyama agree that it isn’t something that is discussed enough, and it’s important to bear in mind that different women experience it differently. The transition, which has both mental and physical symptoms, is a subject that needs to gain more traction as it affects all women at some point. 

  • Menopause isn’t the big bad wolf
  • Not everyone experiences it in the same way
  • How to seek the right information on menopause

Does Our Fear Stem From Misinformation [09:36]

Menopause isn’t a topic typically discussed in the media. The information surrounding menopause and what women should expect isn’t as readily available as other topics. While there are a number of resources, you need to actively search for them as they won’t necessarily how up on your feed. While the average age for menopause is around 50. However, the symptoms for menopause can start manifesting themselves 5 to 7 years before that. 

It isn’t actually an irrelevant topic for young women because I do think everyone should sort of know what’s coming down the road. 

Don’t DIY it [13:00]

It’s important to find the proper channels and experts to guide you through it when you start experiencing symptoms that you’re not familiar with. When you’re in an age bracket where it is likely to be menopause, do your research and find an expert to help you navigate it and dissect whether the symptoms are a byproduct of menopause or something else. 

Go for a consultation just like you would treat any other illness or problem. Go to a specialist for a special problem. 

Know Your Options [22:28]

Educating yourself on your body is important, especially as a woman. It could save you a lot of otherwise unnecessary trouble. As women, we need to be aware of our options and that comes through education. 

We have old information. We’re doing a huge disservice. 

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