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Laura Foster

Life Check Yourself 424 – Advice to Stop Believing Your BS and Finally Put Yourself First


Life Check Yourself 424 – Advice to Stop Believing Your BS and Finally Put Yourself First


Laura Foster

Life Check Yourself 424 – Advice to Stop Believing Your BS and Finally Put Yourself First with Laura Foster

Marni welcomes Laura Foster to the Life Check Yourself where the duo discusses what it means to be in alignment with your true self by un-programming yourself. Laura has been helping women through her movement Soul Healing Humanity, and through her technique Holistic Scaffolding, to unpack their bullshit and leave it behind. The maverick, who decided to cut the bullshit out of her own life, guides her clients into doing the same and finding a massive makeshift in their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. 

  • How to cut the bullshit
  • Stop the distractions
  • Be there for you

Is Your Unhappiness Seeping through? [04:40]

It seems evident but looking at your happiness, or lack thereof, is the first indicator of whether you need to make a change or not. And sometimes, you might not even know that you’re unhappy. While things might look great on the outside, and you’ve ticked all the boxes for what a successful happy life looks like, what’s underneath is what counts more. 

When I’d stop all the doing and the busyness, and I would start to come into alignment with my true self, it was like that’s where a lot of unhappiness is coming from. 

Who is Your True Self?[13:00]

Your true self is what’s underneath everything you’ve been programmed to believe; it’s underneath everything you’ve been conditioned into thinking you need to do; and it’s underneath all the human bullshit. And as you get closer to who your true self is, you get into your power. But that’s something only you can do. 

To take back your power means to live in alignment with your true self.

Be Your Own Guru [20:38]

While it is beneficial to hear out other people or gurus, what ends up happening is that you replace one set of rules and dogma with another. However, the reality is, no one knows what’s best for you more than you do. 

Once you learn this framework that gets you to where you’re your own guru, then you design a life that you love by you, for you. 

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