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Rebecca Purnell

3 Man-Melting Hacks that will Make a Guy Fall for you


3 Man-Melting Hacks that will Make a Guy Fall for you


Rebecca Purnell

Life Check Yourself 434 – 3 Man-Melting Hacks that will Make a Guy Fall for you with Rebecca Purnell

Marni welcomes one of her clients, Rebecca Purnell to the Life Check Yourself studio. Rebecca shares how she found love. Having had a fulfilling career and what she describes as a great life, she felt something was missing: she couldn’t find her person. Rebecca explains the journey she went through to find her person and the lessons that she learnt along the way. How to date on online apps? Who deserves a second chance and who doesn’t? are just a few of the questions that Marni and Rebecca discuss as they delve into the details of a love story in the digital age.

          Take a step back

  •          Ask yourself the right questions
  •          Be curious

Define it then Tear it Down [09:52]

It’s important to look into what are the factors in your past that have created that wall around you. Before tearing it down, you must first define it. When you look into the reasons behind some of your actions, it empowers you to solve them and move forward.

When you just take a pause and find a safe container to revisit those things that you’ve been avoiding, the answer is there.

Give Him a Chance [20:27]

Maybe the first date didn’t go exactly as planned. But if you had a good feeling, there’s no harm giving the person another chance. You never know what this person might have to offer and sometimes it’s worth it.

Always give them a couple of chances based on one day.

He’s Lucky if he Gets You [26:27]

Show the person in front of you that they’d be lucky to have you because you have options. When you show your date that you’re here because you want to be and not because they’re the only person there, it makes a world of difference.

You’re not in that scarcity mentality.

Make a Connection:

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