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Stephen Muiruri

The Real Reason (You Don’t Wanna Hear) Ur Relationships Always Feel Hard


The Real Reason (You Don’t Wanna Hear) Ur Relationships Always Feel Hard


Stephen Muiruri

Life Check Yourself 435 – The Real Reason (You Don’t Wanna Hear) Ur Relationships Always Feel Hard with Stephen Muiriri

Marni welcomes transformational speaker and relationship coach, Stephen Muiriri to the Life Check Yourself studio where the duo discusses why women feel trapped in certain relationships and how to overcome that feeling and find their authentic value. Stephen has helped thousands of women overcome dating challenges and find true love. In this conversation, he talks about the importance of finding your value and harnessing that energy to communicate it to yourself and those around you. And that value isn’t just limited to the physical, it is much deeper than that. What do you stand for? What are your values? What are your principles? That is where the beauty really is.

  •    How to let go of the past
  •    Rediscover yourself
  •    Take a step back and reassess

The Sum Cost Policy [06:47]

When you continue to invest in something that is failing, the cost starts outweighing the benefits in your mind. And that’s where the challenge lies. It’s what keeps you there despite knowing better.

They think about what they have put in and what they hoped to get, they still hold on to the hope that things will get better.

Why do we Underestimate our Value? [14:39]

Most of the time, we underestimate our value and who we are as a people. But when you give yourself the value you deserve, those around you pick up on that energy.

Just being a woman is valuable enough for you to command respect.

The Life we Created is A Shield [21:24]

One of the biggest obstacles women face is their lack of clarity. Your identity is who you are; it is your values; it is your principles. To be your authentic self, you need to be clear on those values. 

When you know your value, you can express it, you can communicate it. You’re not ashamed or afraid of getting rejected.

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