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Life Check Yourself Episode 345 - With Sherry: I Can’t Get Over Him. What Should I Do?


Life Check Yourself Episode 345 - With Sherry: I Can’t Get Over Him. What Should I Do?



Life Check Yourself Episode 345 – With Sherry: I Can’t Get Over Him. What Should I Do?

Marni is joined by a client who had her entire life change in six months. Sherry was a self-proclaimed type-A perfectionist who would beat herself up. She admits that before last year’s Ignite Your Life event, she couldn’t envision how good her life could be. Now she has a partner who shares her vision.

Takeaways from this episode:

  • Inner child work
  • Raising the bar of what is possible
  • Becoming rejection-proof
  • Leaning into a vision
  • How to live courageously

That Was Then [1:26]

Sherry says she had done a lot of personal development work before discovering the last Ignite Your Life 3-day workshop. She was not in a content place. She had been dating someone from work who ghosted her despite them seeing each other every day.

She couldn’t seem to let go of the hurt and rejection she felt. She was stuck. She knew she needed to get over it but couldn’t quite get there no matter how much she tried. She went to different coaches to try to shift things until she signed up for Ignite Your Life.

Sherry made a mental commitment to make the most of the program. She recalls Marni telling her the program would work if she allowed it to work. Marni made it clear that it was an internal job even though Sherry often sought external solutions.

Sherry admits to struggling with self-worth and self-confidence. She had previously been in a relationship with someone emotionally abusive, then was single for eight years. She had a fear of getting into a relationship and being trapped, coping strategies from her childhood.

Don’t look for an external solution for an internal job.

In Just Six Months, Sherry’s Life was Ignited [10:55]

Some people may sign up for the Ignite Your Life event with the sole purpose of attracting love and finding a partner. It was something Sherry often thought of. After the first day, Sherry realized it was bigger than that. It would be more about falling in love with herself, being comfortable in her skin, and becoming rejection-proof.

She created a profile on even though she was opposed to online dating. She decided to be open to everyone because she didn’t know if her old patterns were still leading her life. She knew she had to trust her intuition.

Sherry Life Checked Herself [21:45]

Marni asks Sherry to offer one piece of advice to other women, Sherry says to consider how mean you are to yourself. Are you showing up as a sum of your core wounds?

When we are in a place of limitation and have a low bar about what is possible we can’t see how good life can be.

Sherry now has a reference point and knows what her vision feels like in her body. Without the learnings, she gained from the event, everything would have felt out of reach. She became empowered to bridge the gap between where she was and where she wanted to go.

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