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Life Check Yourself 449 – Make Them Obsessed" with CiiCii


Life Check Yourself 449 – Make Them Obsessed" with CiiCii



Life Check Yourself 448 – This is why happy people still cheat in a relationship with Bobby Frank

Marni welcomes Ciicii to the Life Check Yourself studio where the duo discusses how to break free from co-dependency and find your own identity. Ciicii is the host of podcast That Bitch Positive. She is a life and energy coach who has millions of followers as well as a singer-songwriter who has a book that came out yesterday with the title “Show Up As Her”. For this episode, Marni and Ciicii discuss the importance of owning your power and becoming the person you’re meant to be. And it starts by letting go of all the external triggers that may be holding you back and taking responsibility for your own feelings.

*         How to let go

*         What is co-dependency?

*         How to break free from co-dependency

Positive Bitchology [07:48]

No, it’s not a cocktail. Positive Bitchology is being a babe in true connection with herself. It’s all about finding your way back to who you really are. And you do it by letting go of external triggers, whether that’s a boyfriend or a job.  

Step into who you came here to be.

Are You Ghosting Yourself? [15:30]

Pay attention to how you’re treating yourself. Are you ghosting your needs? Your desires? Your vulnerabilities? When you neglect your own needs, they are more likely to be ghosted or overlooked by others as well. It’s vital to speak up.

I think as women especially, we don’t want to feel needy when we speak for what it is we need. And that’s not being needy. That’s putting yourself on the pedestal.

Taking Ownership of Your Identity [20:04]

When we’re co-dependent on another person, it’s like seeing ourselves through their eyes, from their viewpoint, instead of seeing ourselves as full individuals in our own right. We need to be able to carve out space for our own identity and our true essence.

I see this from an energetic point of view, where, whenever there’s codependency, there’s some blockage or dysfunction with our sacral chakra.

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