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How to Tell if He’s Going to Commit

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Here’s the good news: there are several very easy ways (It’s actually more simple than you think!) to tell if a man you’ve recently started dating is into you. While it can be confusing in the early stages of dating to determine if a guy is interested in pursuing a relationship with you, note that if your guy is doing most of the things listed below, he’s most likely interested in moving forward.

Here are seven ways to determine he’s probably into you.

1. His actions match his words.
If he tells you he’s going to call you tomorrow afternoon, he does. If he makes a plan, he sticks to it; or if he has to cancel, he reschedules in an appropriate way.

2. He wants to meet your friends.
A guy who’s interested in getting to know people you spend time with is interested in forging a relationship with you for the long term. If he’d rather do the logistical faux relationship, which is really nothing more than a high-end fling, you’ll want to get rid of him stat.

3. He wants you to meet HIS friends.
Is he asking you to a BBQ with his friends or a birthday party for one of his friends? He wants to show you off, and he wants you to get to know people he spends time with. This is a really good thing.

4. He asks you out on dates.
This is not to be confused with a “not-date.” A date can be defined as an activity he’s asked you to do with him that’s not at your place or his. So if he’s asking you to come with him and check out that new restaurant you were talking about or catch the newest Ryan Gosling movie (Yes!) instead of just inviting you over to his place, you can feel a little more confident that he’s probably into you.

5. He wants to know about you.
He asks you questions about your life. He wants to know how your day was, what’s new, how your sister is, etc. He’s genuinely interested in getting to know you.

6. He spends time with you on weekends AND weekdays.
You can tell he isn’t just reserving all his Friday and Saturday nights for his friends. Asking you out two Saturdays in a row? Winner.

7. He’s planning ahead – If you’re used to guys calling and asking you out for the same night, get ready to up-level your love life when this guy comes along. He will ask you out in advance, and you will start to feel like he actually put thought into the future! Kudos to this guy; you deserve it.

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