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5 Turn-Ons for Men that Will Leave Them Wanting More

5 Turn Ons For Men That Will Leave Them Wanting More 1 1
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If you’re wondering “What are the top turn-ons for men?” or “How to turn a man on?”, this article is for you. 

Despite your biggest fears, a high value man is not attracted to someone ten or twenty years younger than him, the woman who is low maintenance or has minimal needs, and plays hard to get.  These are all self limiting beliefs that you have developed over time from your experiences which are keeping you stuck and single.

5 Turn-Ons For High Value Men

Here are 5 qualities that a high value man who is emotionally available and looking for relationship will find irresistible:.

5 Turn Ons For Men

#1 Turn-On For Men: She Knows What She Wants

She know what she wants and needs. Admit your feelings and needs to yourself is the first step. Most important, be radically honest with yourself about what you want and need, and make that it is  coming from a place of your highest self versus the part of you that has an unmet emotional need from the past. 

#2 Turn-On For Men: She is Feminine

She knows how to express it in a feminine way. Of course, there is a way to say it that makes him want you and a way to say it that pushes him away.  A woman who is confident and can trust herself can communicate in a feminine way that is experienced by him as clear, kind and direct.

#3 Turn-On For Men: She Has A Voice

She doesn’t avoid using her voice, circle around the issue, or hope that he just ‘knows’ because he should. Holding back your thoughts or pretending that it doesn’t matter creates psychological tension for yourself which is exhausting. And ultimately, this leaks into your dating and relationships because you end up being resentful, shut down or aggressive.

#4 Turn-On For Men: She Exudes Confidence

Exuding confidence at work does not always translate to confidence dating. Moreover, even if you intellectually know you are an amazing catch, self doubt will leak into every aspect of your dating and relationship experience unless you release and heal the self doubt that is limiting you.  From the energy behind the words you use in your online dating profile, to how you do or do not respond to the men who message you, to how you respond when things don’t go exactly your way, gets energetically transmitted to whomever you are interacting with. It can be a turn on or a turn off.  If you are ultimately afraid to be real because you are afraid of being rejected, this can result in being too masculine, shutting down, avoiding conversations, rationalizing or downplaying your needs and  bending yourself into a pretzel. A high value man can sense this and will head for the hills!

#5 Turn-On For Men: She Has An "Abundance" Mindset

Women who have that irresistible energy know that they are in the drivers seat when it comes to dating.  They have the ability to attract quality man easily and realize that they are choosing versus hoping to get chosen.  They are comfortable dating multiple men at the beginning of the courtship process until they decide who they want to focus on.  Most importantly, they are not playing games, playing hard to get or come across at bitchy or aloof.  Instead, the irresistible woman is sincere, playful, light-hearted and unwavering in her commitment to finding the right man for her and she is dating with intention. A quality man can sense this confident energy and will typically work hard to be chosen as the front runner!

Bottom Line

Keep in mind, there’s nothing wrong with you, if you didn’t already know this.  Most of us did not have healthy models growing up.  However,  now that you know this, you need to master it!

If you want to become irresistible, learn more about our proven system and how you can participate here. 

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