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5 Sure-fire Ways to Attract a Guy And Keep Him Interested

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This newest guest post by Matthew Hussey of Get the Guy tells you five sure-fire ways to attract a man and keep him interested! For the woman who is wondering: what are the easiest ways to attract men, and make him want to commit to you for the long-term?

It’s all well and good knowing how to get a date with a guy, but if you don’t know how to maintain that attraction for months to come then you’ll quickly lose his interest.

So with that in mind, here are 5 guaranteed secrets to attracting men when you’re in a relationship:

1. Keep Your Lifestyle!

The most needy thing a woman can do is drop all of her friends and hobbies as soon as she gets into a relationship. Soon enough, she’s spending all of her time with her man and losing all of the things that made him attracted to her in the first place.

Men love women who have a varied lifestyle that they are proud of, with their own pursuits and ambitions. If you give these things up for a man, you might think that it communicates devotion to the relationship, but actually it indicates neediness.

2. Little Treats Along the Way

Relationships require give and take on both sides. They often lose that spark of attraction when each partner just stops trying to please each other.

That’s why one of the easiest ways to attract men in a relationship is to give little treats along the way.

If he’s feeling exhausted one night, light some candles and give him a massage. We can all become self-involved in relationships; all you need is to show you’re thinking about his needs too!

It can be as small as a cup of tea and a croissant in bed on a Sunday morning.

3. Satisfy His Need for Variety

Predictability can be the death of relationships. It’s so easy for couples to slip into routine and spend every Saturday sitting indoors watching X Factor instead of doing new things together.

Spontaneity and variety are the secrets to attracting men and keeping them interested. A guy wants to think that there is always more of you to come; more surprises, more fun, more adventure.

So if you never go to the theatre, book tickets for next month. Or surprise him with a long weekend in the country with just the two of you.

Just keep dating like you were in the early stages of the relationship. When you keep trying to impress each other, things never get boring!

4. Make Him Feel Needed

Now although we talked about not being needy, it’s still important that your man feels like you need him in some respect.

If you act indifferent to him or as if you don’t need anything from him, he’ll start to feel emasculated, and this is the kind of behaviour that leads guys to cheat or look elsewhere for women who make him feel validated as a man.

5. Be the One to Suggest New Things in the Bedroom

If you can be everything a man dreamed of in the bedroom, he’ll never fantasise about being single again. One way you can do this is by being the one to take the lead now and then by trying something new (use your imagination with this!).

Guys love variety in the bedroom and keeping sex as something he looks forward to is crucial to maintaining long-term attraction.

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