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Ladies! It’s time to change the question you are asking yourself as you look ahead at dating in the era of a Pandemic so that you can harness your innate badassary, kick that part of you who is fierce into gear, and experience epic romantic love!

Today is the day to move away from the “when will this be over” question to one that is far more powerful, and most important, has an answer you can most likely be in control of and answer:

“How will you continue in creating the life you truly desire?”

“How will you adjust to what is and thrive?”

Social distancing is going to be part of the new normal. Many of us have been on lockdown for what has become months, and while many states are identifying when and how to open up, what do you do if you have completely lost your motivation to date? Maybe you didn’t know that right now is actually one of the best times to find high-quality men looking for commitment and connection. Perhaps your virtual dates have been lackluster, going nowhere, and you are not sure whether to continue dating. Or, perhaps the person you have been connecting with virtually isn’t confident it’s the right thing to meet in person yet, or is worried if you do, there won’t be a spark? Or, perhaps you are both ready to meet but aren’t sure what is appropriate?

Here are 4 Steps You Can Take Right Now to Create Your Epic Love Story During the Pandemic:

1. Utilize this Time!

This is still THE best time to date. Get a proven strategy and use it. The latest research shows a whopping 70% of the users on one of the top US dating sites are ready and open to digital dating! In fact, American Tinder users have been sending up to 15% more messages each day, Bumble saw the usage of its in-house video call function spike by 93% in March 2020, and 70 percent of users on Hinge are up for a phone or video call right now. And, that is just a small sample of what we know is happening at a macro level as evidenced by the members of our community who are using our virtual dating strategy to make more connections with high quality men than ever before.

2- Be Confident and Initiate Contact:

Be confident and initiate contact. If you are feeling unsure whether or not it is “feminine” to initiate a digital date, it’s time to put that feeling of insecurity to rest. Quality men actually receive very few emails and invitations from women online. As a result, they will be thrilled to hear from you. To help you regain a sense of control in a period where uncertainty is often the norm, keep your email simple and short and suggest a specific time limit for your date. Try on your version of, ‘Hope your week is going great. Would you like to meet for a 10 minute Facetime this week?” and then feel free to follow up as many as two times to seal the deal. Once you have the date, turn on your feminine energy and let him pursue the second and third dates.

3- Leverage Boredom:

Leverage Boredom by Taking the Time to “Gamify” Your Dating Routine! Data from Google Trends shows that global searches for the phrase “things to do when bored” spiked towards the end of March 2020 – the point at which many countries enforced stricter #stayathome measures – which demonstrates there is a real appetite for activities that stave off boredom in quarantine. And, what we know is that structure and routine, which has largely been stripped away, will help you feel back in charge of your life and improve your mental health dramatically. Gamification works to dramatically improve employee engagement and teaching, so why not try it with your dating strategy too? Create a new structure for your day that includes at least thirty minutes spent on implementing some aspect of your vision to find romantic love. Challenge yourself to a thirty day daily streak, or see how many quality digital dates you can have before the official first day of summer. Compete with yourself or a single friend to keep it interesting and fun. (You can join our #datingden Facebook Community here to be part of our dating challenges) Whether you spend the time engaging in your online dating strategy, checking out a new makeup tutorial on youtube to uplevel your look, or tapping into your creativity by researching fun digital date ideas, engaging in the process from a place of joy and fun will also ensure that you show up to your dates vibrant, an energy that is highly irresistible to a quality man.

4. Tap into Your Creativity!

Tap into your Creativity! There are so many amazing ways to bring creativity to your digital and socially distant dates. Order from your favorite gourmet restaurant and bring it to a new out-of-the-way public place you discover to meet for a six foot social distancing picnic. Go walk on the beach. Take a hike. Walk your dogs together. Check out the latest iteration of the New York Times “36 Questions That Lead To Love” specifically designed for the Pandemic to see if the spark you had online is sustainable. Not only will the questions allow you go deep, but they will also have you and your date laughing together which is another important part of creating chemistry and connection. Find a lecture series that has gone digital and attend together to see if you have an intellectual connection. Take a cooking class or attend an online yoga class. Ride your Peloton together and use the video feature to cheer each other on during the big hill! Go for an early morning Facetime hike and share your experience of the sunrise from different locations.

If you have ever dreamed of a fairytale romance that has an epic story of how it began, now is the time to capitalize on the benefits of dating and love during a Pandemic. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, take on the challenge and leverage your time, and be one of the couples who find deep and lasting connection!!

P.S. If you want to find out the exact steps my clients are taking to find their ideal man…so that you can create the deeply fulfilling, intimate, relationship you deserve without risking your health or wasting a moment of your precious time… Join me for my brand new training here!

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