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Identifying and Attracting the Beta Male

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How to identify the beta male? You know the guy who walks over to you and asks for your name and number strictly because he’s absurdly attracted to you?

Well, that’s NOT the Beta Male. The Beta Male is the observer: the one who YOU think is cute and you’re dying to talk to, but you’ve convinced yourself that HE has to make the first move. While you stand on the other side of the bar and wait for this Beta Male to stroll over and talk to you, let’s gather some thoughts on the Beta Male.

Who is the Beta Male?

3 Signs You're Dating A Beta Male

1. He's An Introvert

We know this: he is not a predator. He prefers not necessarily to be the prey but be in a more “let’s meet in the middle” kind of position. He would rather you strike up a friendly conversation than push yourself on him. He doesn’t really want to be the life of the party or spend time chitchatting with large groups of people. Often times, he’s the introvert who may like one-on-one conversation in a quieter environment. 

2. He Likes His Peace

The Beta Male doesn’t like confrontation or taking sides and generally avoids debates or intense conversation. He knows his stance on things but would rather not share it unless it’s really important to him. The Beta Male is not into competition with other men over women.

3. He Does Not Take Initiative

He would much rather wait for the right woman to come along and things fall into place without force. He rarely will be direct about what he wants. Although he may want your attention, he’s not one to express it. He will most likely take comfort in the woman being direct about what she wants with him.

3 Signs Youre Dating A Beta Male

Who is A Good Match for The Beta Male?

1. Someone Who Respects His Opinions

It may sound like an ad in the newspaper: “Mellow guy seeks someone to take the lead…” But don’t get his laid-back attitude confused with being a pushover. The Beta Male needs someone who respects him and his ideas, decisions, opinions, etc.

2. Someone who Has An Opinion

A great match for the Beta Male is someone who doesn’t mind calling the shots but isn’t bossy about it. She has to express her opinion without being disrespectful or rude. She needs to understand that she will be doing most of the planning for, well… most everything. Women who like to be in control in most situations are best matches for Beta Males.

Who is Not Right for the Beta Male?

The girl who is on the other side of the bar, waiting for him to walk over to her and ask her name and for her number, THAT’S WHO.

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