The Ultimate Man Panel

The Ultimate Man Panel

Would YOU Like to Know What Men Really Think, The One Thing Women Do That They Hate, Why They Pursue Certain Women, What They Look for in a Girlfriend… and a Wife?!

The Ultimate Man Panel gives you an inside look to the minds of eight high-quality men as they reveal secrets no man will ever tell you… but want you to know!

“Answers to women’s top questions about men and dating REVEALED!”
What’s your biggest first-date turnoff? Why do guys disappear? How do you spot the wrong guy?
What’s the best way to approach a guy you like? What makes men fall in love?

Do you come home from a date wondering, “What went wrong?” Are you stumped why the guy who seemed so hot for you doesn’t call anymore? Why the men you get involved with always pull away? Why your friends who aren’t so pretty or smart have found someone great while you’re still alone? Does it feel as though you try and try but can’t understand how men think or what they’re really attracted to? I totally feel you!

Here’s the problem (and don’t shoot me for overstating the obvious): You think like a woman. If it feels as though men are a different species, it’s because they are.

Think about it like this: When you look at a little boy’s face, you know immediately how he feels: if he’s happy, sad, tired, or hungry. But when you look at a little girl, you can’t really tell what she’s feeling…and she’s already three steps ahead of you.

Still confused?

As women we’re genetically wired to over-think and over-analyze. We have more than 10 times as many built-in responders as men; we’re literally wired differently.

How many times have you come home from a date or received a text, email or call, and tried to read the deeper meaning behind it all? I used to do it constantly!

After my husband left me (and I peeled myself off the floor), I felt totally lost. I was sure men and dating were something I would just never understand. The more I tried, the worse it got.

Go Right to the Source

As women, it’s natural for us to discuss our love lives with other women. It’s built into our lives, and we’ve been doing it forever. Who else gets how we feel or what we’re going through? The problem is that we’ve been looking for empathy when we should have been looking for insight.

When I started talking to guy friends and even male relatives about the men I was meeting and dating, there was an immediate quantum shift. Suddenly, I was on the inside!

This video will show how to inspire men to be close to you instead of driving them away.

And believe me, I know from personal and professional experience that after you hear these incredible insights our panel reveals, you’ll make super simple adjustments that will have him going out of his way to be with you.

After you learn these “guys only” secrets and understand what high-quality men look for in a girlfriend or wife, it will feel as though you’ve stolen the other teams playbook! You’ll exude an unstoppable confidence that absolutely rivets men.

This video will show you:

  • The #1 thing that makes men fall in love . (Once you master this, there’ll be a slew of great men pursuing you!)
  • The HUGE mistake most women make that attracts players, cheaters, and emotionally unavailable guys AND drives away good men. You’ll turn around and wonder where all the high-quality men chasing you came from!
  • How to cut through the BS and quickly identify the good guys from the bad guys. Your girlfriends will beg for your secret to attracting only high-quality men!
  • What men are really thinking when they start dating a new woman. Use this information to reel in your man and make him fall in love.
  • How a man’s romantic system works: what he thinks, feels, and does when he’s REALLY into a woman.

This Video Series Will Help You…

  • Remove yourself from all the pitfalls of previous dating patterns.
  • Identify the right and wrong kinds of men for you. This will enable you to stick with the right relationships or get away from any terrible emotional disasters waiting to happen.
  • Know what men are truly thinking when they approach a new relationship and get all the secrets that only they can give you!
  • Avoid feeling duped or stuck imagining that things will go differently (and you’re ready for some great insight that will spark a change!).

It’s Time for You to Transcend the Manimal Dating Pattern!

The key to breaking free from this constant cycle of heartbreak is AWARENESS. You have to know what you’re going up against! From the moment you meet a man, he’s reading you to decide how he’s going to treat you. Scary, huh?

But this doesn’t have to be the case. If you have the insight into how a man’s romantic system works; and if you know how he thinks, feels and acts before everything begins…then you can remove yourself from the pattern of heartbreaking relationships and put yourself into the loving situation that’s perfect for you.

This video has tons of live teaching and coaching with expert dating coach Marni Battista, plus it has all kinds of men’s tips on avoiding the biggest No-Nos in dating. It will truly change the way you approach the dating world!

What Have Other Clients Experienced?

I feel so much more confident about myself! I got a compliment today from my old trainer. He said, “You’re so much calmer than before! What, you got a man now or something?” Little does he know it has nothing to do with a man! Wow, it makes me so happy to hear that because I feel so much more confident about myself. And it showed in the vibe and energy level I’m sending out! I’m coming to terms with me and having clarity to think critically… You’re awesome and blow Alison Armstrong out of the water!” ~Mary, Los Angeles

I went to this event live, and it was FABULOUS! It’s great to get authentic info from the guys — first hand. Plus they are all hot, hot, hot!! I may have to go again! ~Cynthia, Los Angeles

I don’t consider myself a very “girly-girl.” I dont’ wear a lot of make up, I don’t get pedicures or manicures, I don’t spend hours primping to get ready to go out. One of the funniest things was that a few weeks into the relationship, he told me that he really liked that I was a girly-girl. I looked at him like he was crazy! But he went on to explain that what he liked was that I was sweet, caring, and compassionate, and I had a softer side. And what I realized is that what he was describing was me being more in my feminine than masculine, and that it had nothing to do with the physical things that I was thinking about. And I’ve been practicing the art of joyfully receiving, and I’m loving it!! Thank you for everything! ~Marissa Greenberg

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I think you understand what this program could mean to you.

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