The Pre-Date Playbook

The Pre-Date Playbook

Would You Like to Kill Your Date Anxiety Forever, Flirt Like a Rock Star, and Guarantee the Right Men Ask You Out Again… and Again!?!

This Simple System Will Give You an Unstoppable Confidence and Sparkling Sex Appeal that Attracts High-Quality Men Like a Giant Magnet and Makes them Want More of You!

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The Pre-Date Playbook will Change How You Feel about Dating Forever!

couple on dateWhen a guy has serious potential, what can you do to make sure you get a second date?
You know you’re a great catch. People tell you all the time, but there’s a serious lack of quality guys in your life. So when you finally meet one and go out with him, you feel sooo much pressure and anxiety that it’s hard to be yourself and put your best foot forward.

You start thinking, “This better not be a waste of my time,” followed by, “Oh God, what if he IS as good as he seems?” And that’s followed by, “If he does turn out to be cool and fun and interesting, what if he doesn’t want to go out with me again?” What if? What if? What if? And so it goes, on and on until you’re so tense on the date, it doesn’t go well.

You walk away thinking that if you had only relaxed and been yourself, he would have been dazzled. He would have seen how amazing you are and how lucky he is to have a shot with you—how great you two could be together.

You Have No Reason to Feel Anxiety on a Date.

Date anxiety is not your fault. It’s inherent in dating itself; it’s result-oriented. Dating’s sole purpose is the result. The connection. The romance. The sex and the relationship. Nobody wants to keep on dating. You date so you can stop dating.

No wonder you focus on the result and not the process. But when you do that, it’s impossible to relax and be in the moment.

Do you want to learn the three simple steps that will kill your date anxiety once and for all, so your date walks away wanting more of you?

Of course you do!

That’s why I created Pre-Date Playbook and Pep Talk: because it’s the Ultimate Date Secret Weapon! When you use it before a date, it will mean you show up on the date as your BEST SELF, without nerves and able to avoid the mistakes that send men running for the hills! You can be sure he’ll ask you out again and again.

Plus, it’ll make you feel confident, sexy, feminine and flirty while you’re dating with dignity.

The sooner you learn to relax and just be yourself, the right man and the right opportunity will appear. Your friends will say it happened magically, out of nowhere, and your struggles with men will seem like a distant memory.

It’s time for you to lose your pre-date anxiety and put your best foot forward on a date, every time.

The Pre-Date Pep Talk gives you the inside scoop on how to remain calm and confident so you give the date a chance, give the man a chance, and most importantly give yourself a chance to be successful!

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This Course Is for You if:

  • You sometimes feel that dating is a waste of your time, as though you don’t connect with the guys you’re really into.
  • Before a date, your brain works overtime building STRESS… making it impossible for you to be sexy, feminine, confident and flirty.
  • You STRUGGLE with what you should wear, your hair or your make-up… and every other decision leading up to the date.
  • You tend to over-analyze what you should say, what to wear, and how much skin you should be showing.
  • Your mind always races ahead to, “Oh My God! What if he really is as great as he seems?” and “What if he could be ‘The One’?

Here’s What’s Included in the Pre-Date Playbook Program:

You’ll get instant access to:

  • Mindset training (You’ll feel as good when you come home from the date as you did when you walked out the door.)
  • How to connect to your awesomeness (When you quiet your doubts, that inner superstar will come out a dazzle.)
  • How to stay in the best frame of mind
  • What to say to make sure you’re not “interviewing” him
  • What to wear that says you’re, sexy, confident and someone to be taken seriously
  • How you can practice your “plays” so that when the moment presents itself, you’re free to be flirty and feminine (instead of worrying!)
  • Post-date attunement (So no matter what happens, you end each date feeling calm and confident!)
  • The Ultimate Magnet (10 proven tips for first date success.)
  • The Genie in the Bottle (How to lose your anxiety before the hot date, put your best foot forward, and have him thinking how lucky he is to see you again!)
  • The Sexy Detective (How to move out of interview mode and be your best on any date.)
  • The Coco Chanel – The way men want you to dress on a date. How to make a Head-Turning Impression with the 3 Cs: Comfort, Class and Confidence
  • The Magic Word – Why You Should Not Sleep with Him on The First Date Even if You’re Feeling Amazing Chemistry. Men actually love a challenge, and when he pursues you he automatically puts you in his “romantic potential” category.


How to Use the Exclusive “Encore System” to Get Him to Ask You Out Again (and again!)

Just listen to how this program is changing lives:

Wow, what a week! I’m a dating machine! On Monday I went out on my second date with James. Tonight I went on a date that my friend set me up on. I have never dated this much in my life!

I actually feel like I’m learning a lot about myself from dating. Even when I don’t feel that connection, I’m still having fun because of my expectation to show up, learn something new about someone else, and have fun. I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you!
~ Haley W., Toronto, CAN

Marni! All I can say is I feel SO FULL of life and joy now that I have shifted energy on the inner! It really was like a lightning bolt when we talked. AMAZING things have manifested. I even heard from a nice-sounding guy: spiritual, balanced, fit/healthy, adventurer. Wow, four of my “non-negotiables!” Thanks, Marni, for ALL YOU DO!
~ Robyn Curtis

Thank you, Marni, for all that you share! Your ideas are “gold”! You are bringing consciousness to the dating world, through which better matches will be made and probably better, healthier marriages. Yea! Thank you for your great work!
~ Suzanne Robinson

Go through training. Shift your beliefs to have a whole new approach to dating. Be calm and show up as the authentic, sexy, feminine you.

To attract a high-quality man, you have to be 10% better than 90% of the women out there.

  • Imagine losing your anxiety and anger about dating and relationships forever, never again thinking, “If I only knew which were the right moves, I’d make them.”
  • Imagine never again wondering why the great guy you could see yourself in a relationship with didn’t ask you out for a second date.
  • Imagine losing the overwhelming sense of dread that no matter what you do, you’re going to wind up alone.
  • Imagine feeling like you have super powers, never again feeling as though the guy you really want, wants someone else. Never again feel like love just isn’t in the cards for you.
  • Imagine how proud and confident you’ll feel when you get off the dating rollercoaster forever!

I think you understand what this program could mean to you.

Order Now For Just $97.

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It’s time to do something for yourself and invest in your own happiness. It’s time for you to start making the right moves, sending out positive energy into the world that you’re ready to be loved.

I have devoted my life to your success: to helping each and every one of my clients be happy with who they are and find the love that’s right for them.

Okay, it’s decision time. And you really only have two choices:

You can keep going down the road you’re on. But if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

But the universe has brought you here for a reason. It’s giving you the chance to say ‘yes’ to change for the better. It’s giving you the chance to grow, to improve, to find the man of your dreams, and to have the life you want.

It’s time to stop watching others succeed and hoping love will magically find you. The years are flying by faster and faster. It’s time you wrote a new chapter. Time to choose yourself, to believe in yourself and invest in yourself. Your happiness depends on it.

I’m determined to help you if you have the courage to make a change and find fulfillment in your love life!

Haven’t you had enough disappointment and frustration? I know how much you want this program.

How much would you pay to actually look forward to a date, to relax and be your true self, to meet the right guy and have him be into you, want you and pursue you so you finally experience the unparalleled love and intimacy you never thought possible…

Is $1 million too much? I’m kidding, of course, but aren’t these the things that make life worth living?

Of the hundreds of women I talked to, these are the things that mean the most to them: to feel loved and adored.

So what are they worth to you? The women I coach pay $750 an hour. But I want you to have this extraordinary product in your life.

That’s why I’m making it available now, today only, for the incredible low price of just $97.00.

Amazing! Can you think of any reason NOT to order it right now? If you’re the kind of woman who really wants to change your life forever and stop settling, you deserve this program.

Don’t go on wondering if you can have a better dating life. You can be your naturally fun and flirtatious self and attract a great man: “The One.” I promise you, you can if you order this program now for just $97.00

It’s fast, it’s easy, and I’ll be there to walk you through it. It’s a small investment that delivers huge benefits.

I could tell you, “You’ll regret it if you wait until the price goes up.” But honestly, what you’ll really regret is losing your precious time and watching your chances for intimacy and passion fade every day!

Take my hand right now and I’ll show you how. It will be fun (a lot!) and painless.

You know what your future looks like if you don’t order this program now. It looks as cold and desolate as your present. Is that what you want for yourself? Is that what you deserve? Of course not!

It’s time to invest in yourself.

Order this program right now for $97.00, relax, and be yourself so you can find The One and start living the life you always imagined!

Your success is my only goal!


Order Now For Just $97!

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