The Art of Getting What You Want from Men

The Art of Getting What You Want from Men

This course is for you if…

  • You’re tired of dating emotionally unavailable men (I’ll teach you communication kung fu that will get him to express his interest level without you having to get all pushy and needy.)
  • You want to learn specific techniques for amping up your connection with your man (Yum!)
  • You need the key “what do I say when he…” phrases and scripts that inspire men to adore, cherish, love and respect you
  • You want to avoid feeling naggy or pushy but still get your needs across in a way that means business
  • You are not interested in being fake and “fluffy feminine” when you talk to men (As a powerhouse super-alpha female, I know for a fact that you do not have to go there — and I’ll teach you how!)

How Will The Art of Getting What You Want from Men Help My Love Life?

iStock_000015854167XSmallThis is an art that isn’t taught nearly enough: how to communicate from your feminine with a man so you get what you want and need without being a bitch, breaking down, shutting down or walking away from a potentially dynamic, loving and fulfilling relationship. Discover the simple and powerful secrets to creating the kind of intimate, effortless and beautiful relationship for which you’re truly meant. It’s time for you to experience this level of closeness and security – and this advanced bootcamp contains exactly what you need to get there.

What Have Other Dating with Dignity Clients Been Experiencing?

Again, I just want to say thank you for all of your amazing advice, guidance and support. I seriously have the men in my life completely shifting the way they are with me, and all I’m doing is accepting exactly where and who they are and communicating the “right” way. I can’t thank you enough.” ~ Erinn Selkis

Thank you for an amazing course with great, SIMPLE information. I went on four dates with three different men in seven days. (That has never happened before in my life.) I felt empowered, feminine, and in control, and I also felt I was communicating my needs/wants/desires in a respectful way to the men. All in all I felt I stepped out of my comfort zone, I made more eye contact with men, I got out of my own way and did what you said to do. Quite the amazing experience!!!” ~ Melissa Risdon

I loved your class. I never considered the old [male/female] paradigm was outdated…as I think further about this, I know society is struggling with women’s new position as it relates to men. We are all confused, trying to figure it out, and the push to have us go back to being “feminine” is an attempt to reach back to the past to put things in order again. I agree with you: it just won’t work. We aren’t the women of yesteryear, and we don’t need to be quiet, passive, and only respond — not lead — to ensure our survival. We do need a new paradigm, and congratulations for realizing this and even marketing it. Brava!” ~ Jan

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What’s Included in The Art of Getting What You Want from Men Course?

  • Instant access to 8 digital audio recordings (mp3s) that you can download put on your phone or iPod, plus a course workbook (pdf).
  • Module 1: You’ll design your personal F.E.M. Communication Style (which includes how you listen, speak, and use non-verbal cues) using the proven “Ideal Image Calculator” to get laser focused on what you want to achieve when communicating. You’ll also understand how to use the “Three C’s of Communication” as a framework to make using the F.E.M. system effortless.
  • Module 2: Master the #1 F.E.M. Tool, “No Combat Communication,” to get what you want EVERY TIME you have a need. Choose the POWER words that are guaranteed to make men melt. Understand the “Three Types of Listening” so you can become a rock star at using the level men respond to best. (Women who don’t know how to do this consistently are at risk of bickering or are constantly accused of not “understanding” how others feel.)
  • Module 3: Unlock the three key action items you must take consistently to exude feminine energy. Learn the game-changing “3-Step Feminine Energy Boost Process” to ensure the shift to feminine energy is a heart-centered, organic shift rather than just an “intellectual process.” Master the art of receiving, give up the need to be right, and learn how to speak so that men understand you are both strong AND feminine.
  • Module 4: Fairly assess current relationships using the “Relationship Rightness Matrix” and master the five critical strategies you must know to change and manage negative relationships. Master the F.E.M. System to set boundaries without being perceived as a bitch and without feeling guilty. Plus, learn how to hold these boundaries effectively to increase self esteem and improve your dating and relationship results dramatically. Learn how to nurture and grow healthy relationships using the F.E.M. System Secret Sauce for lasting love and passion.

When Will I Receive Access to the Course Materials?

You’ll get same-day access to the Art of Getting What You Want from Men deliverables page where you can download your digital products. If you don’t receive an email with instructions on accessing the materials within four hours of purchase, please contact

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Marni Battista's Art of Getting What You Want From Men Course

11 Responses to The Art of Getting What You Want from Men

  • sundi w/alias Candy

    Marni I soooo understand your thinking — inall that i’ve read of that which was available to read w/out purchasing any of the higher cost programs. And deeply tragically need help advise and Training. for 30 yrs. I’ve lived life in ways that … has me thinking if I were ever asked what I could advise one to do in many instances and circuCan’t buymstances of the aforement. yrs. …I would say “don’t don what i’ve done and don’t know what to tell you.
    Can’t buy as I am so deeply in debt–although buy not a thing-ever beyond what is (minimally only) necessary. And I was raised un the”good side” of the tracks, educated and so much more. Iknow you encouraged me to comm. w/you …
    an heavy sad ==almost immobilizing recent/current development w/in this High Alpha,almost 4 yr.relationship;etc.


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  • Me

    I feel like your over pricing your products I understand how emotionally hurt women would go for anything just to feel better but I feel like this is way too much!!

  • Marni Battista

    Ellen: I’m sorry to hear your man is emotionally unavailable, but I’m so glad you’re taking action and trying to fix what’s not working. Enjoy this program, and let me know if you have any questions!

  • Marni Battista

    Vicky: Just click the “Add to Cart” button on the right. Once you enter your payment information and click “Submit,” you’ll receive the course materials!

  • vicky

    pls how do I place my order in order to receive mail dat wl help me download d materials?Thnx

  • ellen

    i am purchasing this today since i am in a relationship that needs a chance…and he is emotionally unavailable..i hope this will help me to get him to open up with me…may Good bless you always..and i am glad and greatful that you are here…love ellen carr

  • Marni Battista

    Wenda: We do have some lower priced options in the shop. Check them out here:

  • Wenda

    I’m sure what you have to say would be helpful but it is way too expensive for me as well!

  • Marni Battista

    Cally – I’m sorry you’re seeing the prices as being too high for you. We have a few products that are in the $50 range. Take a look at Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Cally

    Would love to purchase your items as I love the work you do but they are too expensive for me…our situation is the Rand dollar exchange is R10 : $1…thanks

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