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Mike Goldstein

Life Check Yourself Episode 293 - Why Some Women Attract Better Men Online with Less Effort With Mike Goldstein


Life Check Yourself Episode 293 - Why Some Women Attract Better Men Online with Less Effort With Mike Goldstein


Mike Goldstein

Life Check Yourself Episode 293 – With Mike Goldstein: Why Some Women Attract Better Men Online with Less Effort

Are you struggling to date and find a hot, smart, successful guy who adores you, pursues you and wants you for a committed relationship?

Do you think online dating is a waste of time, that it’s essentially the bottom of the barrel…

And there simply are no high-quality men in your age range on any sites or apps… anywhere?

Or that it takes too much time, like having another job and never amounts to anything anyway?

Actually, none of that is true.

The stats on women finding a good guy and having success online might surprise you!

Marni welcomes the Founder of EZ Dating Coach and matchmaker extraordinaire, Mike Goldstein to the Life Check Yourself studio. Mike is a frequent guest on this show and he has been featured on the Today show and in Readers Digest. 83% of Mike’s clients enter relationships! This is the highest success rate in the country. He uses data from the top dating sites to set his clients up for dating success.

Key Takeaways from this Episode:

  • The best time to start dating online
  • The importance of being vulnerable
  • How you may be sabotaging yourself
  • Trust the process
  • Myths women have about online dating

Dispelling Common Online Dating Myths [2:56]

Mike reveals that the Sunday after the New Year is the best time to meet someone because people vow to find their love, online or at the gym. Marni points out that it means the online dating sites should be full of new prospects.

With 57% of online daters are looking for serious relationships with a higher percentage of men saying so, it dispels the myth that men are not looking for commitment.

The data shows one out of three marriages come from online dating. It doesn’t need to be a full-time job. Mike’s process requires just 30 minutes, three times a week plus one date a week.

No matter what your dating history is, you need to let your guard down.

Looking for Perfection? Stop. No One Is Perfect [12:35]

Marni describes several of her clients tend to rule guys out before giving them a chance. Instead of being curious about a guy they sabotage themselves by being nit-picky about a physical attribute or a comment.

Mike’s strategy is simple.

Be curious when dating rather than automatically ruling a guy out. Don’t be stuck in the story that nothing works for you.

There is No Shame in Online Dating [21:48]

Mike shares that he has been rejected hundreds if not thousands of times when he offers dating advice. But he wants to help people fall in love and lower the divorce rate. So he keeps at it. He doesn’t take rejection personally and neither should you.

There is no shame in online dating. It’s a numbers game.

Do you want to fall in love? What is your goal? If you want to fall in love, do the work. Trust in the process and truly believe the universe wants you to be partnered.

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