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Christine Kriner

Dating Den Episode 238 - With Christine: What You Don't Know That is Killing Your Chance to Find Love


Dating Den Episode 238 - With Christine: What You Don't Know That is Killing Your Chance to Find Love


Christine Kriner

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Dating Den Episode 238 – With Christine: What You Don't Know That is Killing Your Chance to Find Love

This week’s guest originally appeared on episode three of the Dating Den podcast. Now, she is the VP of Client Success. Christine Kriner rejoins Marni on the show to share the incredible breakthroughs and relationship shifts she experienced after trusting the process.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • What may be holding you back from having a great relationship
  • Benefits of setting boundaries
  • Courageous moves to help you find your vision
  • Looking at every situation as a learning experience

Take Action & Apply the Lessons [2:06]

Before joining the Institute of Living Courageously Crew, Christine worked for 20-years in the field of personal development. She helped others to develop themselves but never applied the lessons to her own life. She never experienced breakthroughs. But, after some deep listening to Marni’s coachings and to the outcomes of other clients, she started applying it to her life and experienced some consequential shifts.

Christine says it changed her. She doesn’t believe she would be in the amazing relationship she is in now if she hadn’t taken action and applied the lessons.

Christine says her father told her when she was young that humans aren’t monogamous. So, she didn’t expect it from her relationships. She would pick the wrong men, the bad boys. She thought she was attracted to the hard-to-get, handsome guy.

Marni and the other master coaches helped her go deeper to uncover some trust issues. She didn’t trust herself and she never felt enough.

Set Boundaries [13:59]

When Christine realized she was enough, she started setting boundaries and stopped over-giving of herself and her time. Suddenly, the energy of her relationship shifted. She expressed her needs to her partner and he would do whatever it was to make it happen. The relationship dynamic changed entirely. Christine stopped over-giving and her partner started giving of himself more.

There is no express bus to get the life you want. You have to make bold courageous moves to reach your vision.

Trust the Process [25:22]

Christine recommends trusting the process because if you do the work it pays off. She says even though she sometimes makes up a story in her head about a situation, she assesses where it came from and decides whether or not it is more about her past or a current need.

When you fail, fail forward because you learn something.

Christine’s advice for other women looking for a fulfilling relationship, ‘Look at every situation as a learning experience’. She never thought having a connected, vulnerable conversation with her partner would be the perfect Friday night date.

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