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Shelley Paxton

Life Check Yourself 453 – This is the Type of Job You Should Quit with Shelley Paxton


Life Check Yourself 453 – This is the Type of Job You Should Quit with Shelley Paxton


Shelley Paxton

Life Check Yourself 453 – This is the Type of Job You Should Quit with Shelley Paxton

Marni welcomes Shelley Paxton to the Life Check Yourself studio where the duo discusses how to listen to yourself and navigate towards what your soul truly wants. Shelley is an author, a speaker and a change-maker. She helps people redefine their success. In this episode, Marni and Shelley talk about how to get out of something that makes you miserable. With the daily grind of life, and the pressure thrown at you from every direction, sometimes it’s easier to just continue on the conventional track, to stick to the initial plan. And it ends up slowly eating at you, at your soul.

*         How to take it one step at a time

*         Don’t wait out your pain

*         How to live your truth

Is it time for a sabbatical? [00:40]

It’s a sabbatical in the large sense of the term, almost like a rebirth. When it seems like your current life, whether that’s a job or otherwise, is dragging you down, where everything requires this magnanimous effort, it’s time for a sabbatical. It’s not a vacation, it’s a journey to reconnect with yourself and your soul.

I’m going to be the sole chief officer of my own damn life. And that was the beginning.

S is for Shackles [53:20]

In Shelley’s Soul Framework, the S stands for shedding the shackles you should. And what that means is breaking free from the narratives, and the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” that you’ve told yourself define you. It’s becoming aware of the narratives that you’ve built around your identity, that are influenced by culture, society, upbringing, expectations…and the list goes on. 

Whatever it is, we have these should, and these narratives. They come from this place of guilt, people pleasing and these cultural narratives that have been drilled into us. Especially for women, for a very, very long time.

It’s Value Over Validation [01:01]

It’s important to prioritize your own values over seeking external validation. Focus on what truly matters to you at your core.

All these boxes of traditional success, that I was ticking, they were all external validation. They were all outside of me.

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