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Dr. Harry Cohen

Life Check Yourself 452 – The Simple Secret To Happiness with Dr. Harry Cohen


Life Check Yourself 452 – The Simple Secret To Happiness with Dr. Harry Cohen


Dr. Harry Cohen

Life Check Yourself 452 – The Simple Secret To Happiness with Dr. Harry Cohen

Marni welcomes Dr. Harry Cohen to the Life Check Yourself studio where the duo delves into the practice of nurturing traits that make people naturally gravitate towards you. What are these virtues that attract people? Harry is an author, having most recently published the book, “ Be the Sun, Not the Salt”. In this episode, Marni and Harry discuss how to forgive your mistakes and move forward while practicing the authentic virtues that will bring out the best version of yourself and those around you. Are you ready to be the change you wish to see in the world?

*         How to embody virtuous behavior

*         Learn from history’s greats

*         How to practice apologizing well

How to Level up [13:41]

Seek out and learn from people who exemplify the highest virtues and achievements. By understanding these positive energizers, you absorb their wisdom and integrate those practices into your own life.

Those are exemplars. Those are the people who we intuitively and naturally are drawn to and want to be around. 

Knowledge Isn’t Doing [20:01]

Knowledge isn’t enough; it’s the application of that knowledge that matters. Act on the wisdom you acquired by performing brave and kind deeds.

The Learning is by doing. You want to be brave, act bravely. That’s Aristotle. Send the text, make the call, pick up the phone.

Simplicity and Consistency [28:25]

Consistency is inevitable for any kind of improvement in any aspect in our lives. Small, consistent actions can lead to significant improvements in our lives and relationships. It is by consistently practicing a certain behavior that they eventually become habits.

You just practice. You step in it and then you go clean it off after you step in it. You have to make the error and then do the next right thing. That’s part of it.

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