5 Dating Scripts Men Are Powerless To Resist




Alex Howard

Dating Den Episode 267 - The One Type of Women Men Can’t Resist With Alex Howard


Dating Den Episode 267 - The One Type of Women Men Can’t Resist With Alex Howard


Alex Howard

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Dating Den Episode 267 – With Alex Howard: The One Type of Women Men Can’t Resist

You’ve seen her before a million times…

The moment she walks into any room, heads turn.

And for reasons you can’t figure out, men are drawn to her like a magnet.

There’s nothing really extraordinary about her. She’s not that pretty or sexy, but she’s got something…

And that ‘something’ means she always has a long list of desirable men who want to date her.

She’s ‘That Girl’. The one that men are powerless to resist!

And if you want to know how you can go from struggling to attract quality men or even getting a second date…

To being That Girl… the one woman in any room (or online) that great guys simply can’t resist, this episode is for you!

Marni welcomes Alex Howard, the Founder and Chairman of the Optimum Health Clinic, one of the world’s leading integrative medicine clinics. Alex and Marni discuss what may be keeping you stuck from having deeper, more intimate connections.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Breaking free from who you think you should be
  • Finding your authentic self
  • Unpacking and healing childhood patterns
  • Trusting the divine

Longing for a Deep, Intimate Relationship [3:16]

Alex was mired in his inability to have a happy, lasting relationship. He trained to become a therapist. He discovered his first true love in life was psychology. In his mid-20s, after he had attained everything he thought he wanted out of life, but was miserable when it came to relationships.

Alex started to believe he couldn’t have a long-term relationship. He found dating healthy but he wanted something more.

The problem, he determined, was how he was showing up in relationships.

Men long for deeper relationships too!

Masks that Block Emotional Intimacy [17:42]

Alex points out that both men and women develop masks derived from how they were treated as a child, as coping strategies. The problem, he says, is in our relationships those masks can keep us trapped.

How to Break Free From the Mask [26:18]

Building intimate relationships with another person requires building safety with one another.
You can’t heal what you don’t feel.

Make a Connection:

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