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Choyo Wilson-Daniel

Life Check Yourself Episode 298 - Life Check Yourself Episode 298 - The Number One Reason You're Not Making More Money With Choyo Wilson-Daniel


Life Check Yourself Episode 298 - Life Check Yourself Episode 298 - The Number One Reason You're Not Making More Money With Choyo Wilson-Daniel


Choyo Wilson-Daniel

Life Check Yourself Episode 298 – With Choyo Wilson-Daniel: The Number One Reason You're Not Making More Money

Have you ever thought you might have limiting beliefs around money that are stopping you from earning what you deserve?

From becoming wealthy?

Is your subconscious telling you that you’re not enough to be rich… that you’re too old or too heavy or don’t have the confidence to be wealthy?

Are you embarrassed because you can’t afford some of the things you “should be able to?”

Do you keep working harder in your career or business, but still don’t have money in the bank?

Do you secretly believe that you’ll never be rich?

Marni welcomes Choyo Wilson-Daniels into the Life Check Yourself studio to discuss what is holding women back from making more money. Choyo is a premier mindset coach who founded Loveshift Coaching for women who want to run their business on their terms. Choyo is a seasoned entrepreneur who teaches her truth from her past struggles as a business owner.

Key Takeaways from this Episode:

  • Removing money blocks
  • Moving from scarcity to abundance
  • Overcoming a fear of money
  • Releasing old programming around money

What Holds Women Back from Making More Money? [2:08]

The biggest thing holding women back from not making more money is themselves. Their beliefs or lack of belief. Choyo says many women don’t make decisions until they feel the conditions are just right but then use excuses of why the time isn’t right.

Sometimes the smarter we are, the gap gets wider between what we want and what we actually have in our lives. A lot of women struggle with dreaming big and typically when children come into the picture many women let their dreams die.

So, where can women start when they feel their circumstances are keeping them stuck?

Money Blocks [9:04]

Money blocks are generational and develop by the time we are seven or eight years old, Choyo says. If you are an adult who has never re-evaluated their money beliefs you are operating from your parents money beliefs.

If we aren’t careful we can pass a scarcity mindset on to our children as well.

How to Shift into Abundance [17:50]

The first thing is to become aware of the limiting money beliefs. Then, build a new belief.

Change your relationship with failure. Thomas Edison failed 10k times – you have to be willing to fail and take risk again.

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