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Natasha Chandel

Dating Den Episode 232 - With Natasha Chandel — Social Media's Influence on Dating and Ghosting. Are You Immune?


Dating Den Episode 232 - With Natasha Chandel — Social Media's Influence on Dating and Ghosting. Are You Immune?


Natasha Chandel

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Dating Den Episode 232 – With Natasha Chandel — Social Media's Influence on Dating and Ghosting. Are You Immune?

Marni welcomes a woman who has her hands in many creative ventures, Natasha Chandel into the Den. Natasha was born in Dubai and now lives in LA. Depending on the day she is a comedy writer, actress, creative producer, podcast host, and more. During their chat they discuss the Kinda Dating Podcast, the influence of social media and reality dating shows on real-life dating, and how the pandemic has changed dating.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Learning to recognize your dating style
  • How social media and reality dating shows affect perceptions
  • Finding connection during the pandemic
  • Don’t take ghosting personally

Kinda Dating [2:03]

Natasha describes her podcast Kinda Dating as an exploration of commitment issues. She reveals that in the past she was a hardcore relationship girl. But after enduring an abusive relationship, she became a commitment-phobe. Through lots of therapy and personal development work, she has come out on the other side as a reformed commitment-phobe.

When we are on a date, we tend to judge the other person without realizing how we are showing up. We may be the quality casual daters who are showing up as emotionally unavailable and not even be aware of it.

Social Media & Reality Dating Shows [8:32]

When Natasha looks at the world of entertainment and social media, she believes people are used by technology instead of people using the technology. On the flip side, apps and social media ARE a great way for people to connect. Natasha admits to socially stalking people before she would go out on a date with them, but she doesn’t want her entire relationship online.

One in three Gen Z’ers say their online identity is their most authentic self. But, Natasha says they may not understand what being your most authentic self means. They may not be old enough to understand who they are yet.

Marni brings up the documentary show Fake Famous. The producers use proven strategies to make three people instantly famous as social media influencers. The show highlights how fake social media influencers can be. It’s a digital construct.

Social media influencers are fake digital constructs. Do not measure your life against an image that isn’t real.

Natasha reminds us that social media is a curated experience. Most people don’t post the negative parts of life. Focus on the good things in your life so you spend less time comparing yourself to others. Marni adds when we seek validation from outside we are not filling up our self-love tank.

The pandemic has caused people to spend much more time online and swiping online connection apps. Most studies show this does not help people feel connected.

Natasha believes when the pandemic is over people will be over-the-top careless and start having sex with anybody and everybody. She says to wrap up! Put a condom on!

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