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Peter Canova

Life Check Yourself 455 – "Manifest Effortlessly: How to Overcome Fear and Train Your Mind for Success" with Peter Canova


Life Check Yourself 455 – "Manifest Effortlessly: How to Overcome Fear and Train Your Mind for Success" with Peter Canova


Peter Canova

Life Check Yourself 454 – How to Reinvent Yourself at Any Age with Marc Von Musser

Marni welcomes Peter Canova to the Life Check Yourself studio where the duo discusses how to embrace your intuitive gifts by training your subconscious. Peter is an award-winning author who also contributed to the much-loved Chicken Soup for the Soul series. He’s recently released a book, “Quantum Spirituality” which looks at the metaphysical intersection between quantum physics and Gnostic wisdom. In this episode, Marni and Peter look at what it means to actually listen to your intuition and what you stand to gain from doing so.

  •         How to stop being skeptical  
  •         Train your subconscious
  •         How to shift your perspective

Embrace Your Intuitive Gifts [04:58]

Both Gnostic teachings and quantum physics explore the nature of light, energy, and matter. In his book “Quantum Spirituality,” Peter Canova combines these ancient spiritual insights with modern scientific understanding to create a roadmap for higher consciousness. His multidisciplinary approach integrates science, spirituality, psychology (especially Jungian), neurobiology, and epigenetics. Recognizing and embracing your intuitive gifts, and letting go of overthinking, can unlock a wealth of insights and abilities you never knew you had.

I let go and let my logical mind kind of take a backseat and really allow myself to be in my gifts, and be who I am, and be in that higher state of consciousness.

Manifest It [14:58]

The idea of manifesting has a solid basis. That’s not to say that it’s as clear cut as the oversimplified definition we all see on social media. Rather it’s by understanding that you have the ability to influence your reality by focusing your thoughts and intentions. Start small by setting clear, positive intentions and observe how they manifest in your life.

It’s an inner feeling that I can see this thing down the road. I know it’s going to work its way out.

Training Your Subconscious [21:55]

There’s active and passive meditation. Active meditation is when you begin the practice with the intention of finding a solution to a problem or addressing an issue. In either case, meditation is a powerful tool for transitioning from intellectual ideas to actual experiences of higher consciousness.

You have to convert that into an actual experience, and that’s where meditation could be the mechanism to help; that transition from an intellectual idea to an experience.

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