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Chris Gillis

Life Check Yourself Episode 323 - Love is Blind: The Subtle Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Love Life with Chris Gillis


Life Check Yourself Episode 323 - Love is Blind: The Subtle Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Love Life with Chris Gillis


Chris Gillis

Life Check Yourself Episode 323 – Love is Blind: The Subtle Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Love Life with Chris Gillis

Marni and Chris recap Season Two of Love is Blind. Be warned, Marni binge-watched the season and this episode contains spoilers. Shayne and Sal didn’t win at love but won plenty of female followers, Shaina is custom-made for The Bachelor, and Deepti deserves more than a man-child.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Overcoming mistakes in relationships
  • Acceptance and forgiveness
  • Why do people get wasted the night before their wedding?
  • How to be rejection-proof

When You Make a Mistake in a Relationship [2:11]

Marni points out that several incidents must have happened off-camera that are integral to the show and the end of the season seemed a bit disjointed because of it. There are pivotal moments when the couples who got married were able to let things go, forgive, and move on.

The biggest shock was when Shayne got wasted the day before his wedding. He truly showed his warts. If you are dating someone and a huge mistake is made, you must be able to accept their apology. Natalie hears the I’m sorry but she couldn’t seem to take in his love and his apology at her soul level. This may result in her building a wall and she may have a hard time opening up in the future. Shayne doesn’t know how to say sorry any other way.

Shayne seemed to see beyond Natalie’s flaws and to love and accept her for who she was. Natalie seemed like she had an idea of who Shayne was but when she figured out she couldn’t control him, she wanted out of the relationship. Shayne told her he wasn’t going to change who he was. He needed her to fight for them and it takes two.

Marni believes Natalie set a boundary to run if something like this ever happened. She was looking for reasons to rule Shayne out rather than in. Generally, when men are with someone like Natalie, they never feel good enough.

A lot of people need to make others wrong to feel good about themselves.

Sal & Mallory Breakup at the Altar [22:52]

Again, something must have happened behind the scenes with Sal and Mal that we didn’t get to see. Chris thinks Mallory was never as into Sal as much as she should have been. The internet disagrees with her. The ladies of the web find Sal endearing and romantic. He gave Mallory space which is refreshing.

Marni reminds us that we are the common denominator in all of our relationships. It could be possible that people who offer us pure love and attention scare us because we don’t know how to accept love and kindness.

Some women create drama where there doesn’t need to be any because they don’t feel worthy of love.

Shake & Deepti [29:43]

Shake did not feel worthy of Deepti, and he is probably right. Even his mother told him to do Deepti a favor and break it off. He is a real jerk on the reunion show. Marni thinks he is in the process of man-volving but isn’t far enough along in his journey to get over the rejection without being childish about it. Deepti deserves a better man.

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