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Robbie Kramer

Life Check Yourself Episode 299 - Is He Really Into You, or Is He Just Trying to Have Sex? With Robbie Kramer


Life Check Yourself Episode 299 - Is He Really Into You, or Is He Just Trying to Have Sex? With Robbie Kramer


Robbie Kramer

Life Check Yourself Episode 299 – Is He Really Into You, or Is He Just Trying to Have Sex? With Robbie Kramer

Dating coach Robbie Kramer joins Marni to share his insights and dive into the dating details from the last episode of The Bachelor, the “Shrimp Gate/Mean Girls” episode. Shanae gets aggressive, again. Clayton seems pretty well put together, yet the producers continue to show a clip of him crying about how broken he is, and no one understands why Rachel is a contestant.

Key Takeaways from this Episode

  • Guys lose interest in girls who do all the work
  • Being aggressive might get you laid but won’t land a long-term relationship
  • Are men afraid you will outshine them?
  • Being blinded by attraction

Look at How Attractive I Am [1:14]

Shanae’s out for blood approach may be catching Clayton’s attention for now, but both Marni and Robbie agree that it is a short-term strategy. If she continues to lead with sex after the oats are sewn, she will be left with unanswered texts and no flowers on Valentines’ Day.

If a guy is grounded in his masculinity, overly aggressive physical behavior will be a turn-off.

Many women lead with their physical selves because they know it is a sure-fire way to get a man’s attention. Men need much more than that to enter a long-term relationship with someone. The physical invitations lose their value because the guy isn’t required to make an effort. Robbie says a man has to be invested in a woman to make the relationship valuable to him.

Is some guy you barely know who you want to get validation from?

Being Blind to What Everyone Else Sees [12:40]

Most women have been through the ‘I don’t know what you see in him’ or the ‘Are you sure you want to go through with this?’ conversations with friends and family members. Why do we not see when someone is bad for us when everyone else can?

We get blinded by attraction, which is a stronger emotion than our logic telling us what is good or bad for us in the long run. In the beginning, attraction is so strong it feels like it is the only thing that matters.

Why Do Some Women Love Drama? [28:17]

What is it that makes women jump into the drama and why is there such a need for them to be right? Insecurities and inferior communication skills are what make some women involve themselves in every little argument and sink themselves into the drama.

If a woman creates tension when there doesn’t need to be it is a red flag, Robbie says.

In the episode, Genevieve was pulled into the shrimp-fueled clash, Elizabeth gracefully bowed out, says Robbie. He believes Elizabeth just wants to let it go and Shanae is creating something out of nothing.

Overall, Marni thinks Clayton is not ready for a quality relationship and he is only keeping Shanae around because he wants to bang her.

Robbie’s prediction — Watch out for Susie. He likes her vibe and personality. He says she is a great example of how to be cute and adorable.

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