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Jana Danielson

Dating Den Episode 250 - With Jana Danielson: If You Gave Up on Kegel Try This Now for More Pleasure in Your Love Life


Dating Den Episode 250 - With Jana Danielson: If You Gave Up on Kegel Try This Now for More Pleasure in Your Love Life


Jana Danielson

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Dating Den Episode 250 – With Jana Danielson: If You Gave Up on Kegel Try This Now for More Pleasure in Your Love Life

Marni welcomes the Creator of the Cooch and Gooch Ball, Jana Danielson. Jana’s health issues were the catalyst for her career shift. She transformed her life and became a wellness entrepreneur. She runs a series of integrated health therapy clinics and educates clients on pelvic floor fitness tools, including the Cooch Ball.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Holistic caring for the body as a system
  • The importance of breathing properly
  • Maintaining structural integrity
  • How the Cooch Ball can release your inner vixen

Integrated Health: Systems, Not Pieces [2:47]

Jana is passionate about teaching people to increase their health and wellness. She is all about being inspired by real women, understanding our bodies, and taking action to change the body from the inside out.

She says health and wellness have been a ‘pieces’ approach. When we approach it this way we create asymmetries and dysfunction in the body. She adds that it is beneficial to consider our bodies as a series of systems. If we work on our systems, we can bring our mindset, our spirit, and our self-love into alignment. It starts from the inside and permeates out.

Pelvic Floor Fitness [7:25]

The diaphragm is the muscle that breathes for us. It is in the crest of the rib cage. And, the pelvic floor is the floor of our core, it is sexy and functional. They work in conjunction with each other.

The more we suck in our guts and try to look a certain way we can disrupt normal body function.

Jana says one simple thing we can do is to become aware of our diaphragmatic breathing. Being conscious of our breath helps our bodies to function at an optimal level.

When inhaling, envision yourself picking up a grape with your vagina, and on the exhale set the grape down. Jana says it can change your life. Look beyond the Kegel, because it is a forced clench and release. This can play into the dysfunction because it creates tightness in the body.

How to maintain structural integrity and fitness as we age:

  • Posture is critical to our musculature.
  • Many constrictions are fitness issues, not medical issues.

Cooch Ball [22:32]

Ten years ago Jana worked with a gynecologist in Reno to compare notes on how women could reveal, release, and rejuvenate themselves after childbirth or surgery. They worked together on the basic principles of a muscle needs nutrient-rich blood flow to flourish, and rewiring patterns and habits can be achieved through neuroplasticity.

Jana played around with different-sized balls and rollers to create a tool and platform she could use to educate people about pelvic floor issues. She says the name Cooch Ball was designed to grab their attention.

A pelvic floor tool is like a best friend. It helps to connect with your body spiritually and consciously.

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