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Blanca Cobb

Dating Den Episode 276 - With Blanca Cobb: How to Read a Man’s Body Language — 5 Signs That Mean He Is Into You


Dating Den Episode 276 - With Blanca Cobb: How to Read a Man’s Body Language — 5 Signs That Mean He Is Into You


Blanca Cobb

Dating Den Episode 276 – With Blanca Cobb: How to Read a Man’s Body Language — 5 Signs That Mean He Is Into You

What if you knew what men were really thinking…

If a guy you were out with was really into you or if he was just looking for a quick hookup?

What if you had x-ray vision and could see if he was a sincere, loving and kind man…

and a good fit for a longterm committed partnership, just by looking at him?

The really good news is, you can!!

Marni welcomes renowned body-language expert Blanca Cobb to the show. When it comes to love, romance, and relationships, she helps singles find a partner who is worthy of love by using and understanding body language. She can help you to identify partners who love, care for, and respect you.

Key Takeaways from this Episode:

  • Simple expressions tell you what a guy is thinking
  • Tips for revealing your feminine energy
  • Sending the right signals to get what you want
  • Body language tips for dating IRL
  • How to dress for a video date

Do His Expressions Match His Words? [2:27]

Ladies, if you are dating a guy and he says romantic things that make your heart all a flutter but his expressions and actions don’t match up it could be a red flag.

When dating, a guy must have the body language that supports his statements. If they don’t match his words don’t matter.

When Your Clothes Say Feminine Energy But Your Body Language Shows Masculine Energy [13:01]

It can be difficult to transform into a feminine goddess right before a date, especially if date night turns out to be a Wednesday. And, trying to convince someone of what you are through words or instead of naturally showing someone is just about impossible.

Your body language shows everything and guys can get confused about the signals you are sending.

If you want to know the simple steps you can take, to tell if a man will love you for who you are and not who you pretend to be…

So you don’t waste time with guys who are not a good fit and you can attract your ideal match…

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Physicality matters. Blanca’s tips for dating:

  • Portray yourself as open.
  • Sit catty-corner in your chair across from your date, not face-to-face.
  • Make eye contact but avoid a staring contest.
  • Position your hands in a normal, relaxed position.

What we do with our hands is an emotional barometer of how we feel in the moment.

Sending the Right Signals on a Video Date [29:32]

Video dating is here to stay. If a guy asks to video chat, try to make it as natural as a real-life date would be, if possible, look at the camera, not the screen, and have fun! Use a post-it note to remind yourself to look into the camera if you have to.

Dress like you are on a date. Because when you wear something you feel confident in, it will show through on the call. You should also be just a bit more animated in front of the camera during a video date. A playful nature can add some life to a flat projection on a screen.

Remember, everything is perceptible, and everything makes a difference. Transmit wisely.

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