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Chris Gillis

Life Check Yourself Episode 306 - How to Master Differences Between the Friend Zone and Girlfriend Zone with Chris Gillis


Life Check Yourself Episode 306 - How to Master Differences Between the Friend Zone and Girlfriend Zone with Chris Gillis


Chris Gillis

Life Check Yourself Episode 306 – How to Master Differences Between the Friend Zone and Girlfriend Zone with Chris Gillis

Marni and Chris Gillis reflect on the latest Bachelor episode as this season starts to taper off. This ho-hum sandbox of a season lacks the heart and compassion of previous Bachelor seasons. It seems Robot Clayton didn’t come pre-programmed with emotions or charm. It would be a travesty if he ended up with Gabby because she is a shiny gem amongst the dull rocks.

Key Takeaways from this Episode:

  • How long to date before getting engaged?
  • Male and female communication styles
  • Remembering heartfelt Bachelor seasons
  • Being a goofball can be endearing

Is it Too Early to Get Engaged? [1:21]

Marni and Chris reminisce about Colton Underwood’s recent engagement. He had previously dated Bachelor contestant Cassie for two years then he revealed he was interested in men and now he is engaged to political strategist, Jordan Brown.

How long should a person wait to get engaged after leaving a long-term relationship? Marni thinks it should take over a year to know if a person has similar values or won’t circumvent your deal breakers. Plus, if there are no disagreements you have no idea how the two of you will handle conflict.

If you haven’t had any disagreements in your relationship, are you speaking about your needs or setting boundaries?

Robot Clayton [8:56]

The number one thing that would add some pizazz to this mundane, boring season would be to magically inject Clayton with some emotions. And, truth be told even the contestants don’t seem exceptionally happy or sad. There is no joy or pain displayed by anyone on the show.

When Clayton broke up with Serene, it made Chris feel weird. Chris says he would rather have someone get their emotions out instead of simply walking away. Clayton is showing red flags when it comes to communication. He sounds like one of those guys who doesn’t know how to handle conflict.

Again Marni reminisces about a previous Bachelor, Ben Higgs was the first Bachelor to say ‘I love you’. He broke the mold and the rules when he told two contestants he loved them. Marni also lovingly remembers Greg Grippo’s love for Katie as being a show highlight.

The current Bachelor cast is in it for the wrong reasons. It makes the show seem staged and manipulative.

Clayton and Gabby [16:27]

Both Marni and Chris agree that Clayton is repetitive and mundane. He is good at reflecting back but he is not great at sharing his thoughts. He is so emotionally disconnected that his body language is stunted. Mani says that there are a lot of women like this, their spirit doesn’t show through because they don’t know how to communicate.

While Gabby may not be everyone’s cup of tea, with the right person it will be adorable and fun. Because of her goofiness, Gabby may be friend-zoning herself. Clayton says Gabby is sweet. Chris thinks she is the whole package: sweet, sexy, and cool.

Marni likes Gabby because she is capable of being vulnerable and being super hot like when she showed up at the rose ceremony. She is showing all sides of herself. But, Marni doesn’t think Clayton will pick her because she is so awesome.

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